[Is cephalosporin a cold medicine]_Effect_Efficacy

[Is cephalosporin a cold medicine]_Effect_Efficacy

Cephalosporin is a common anti-inflammatory drug in our lives. In fact, cephalosporins are divided into multiple types, including cephalosporin capsules and cefradine capsules. These different types have different effects, but the most importantAll are anti-inflammatory, which is to eliminate some viruses such as streptococcus in our body. Generally, it is used in colds. Is cephalosporin a cold medicine?

Some colds appear.

She had a runny nose and some fever. She took cefixol for metabolism.

The problem is that this medicine and anti-cold medicine can be taken together.

Hello, the cephalosporin infection you said uses antibiotics, mainly for some clinical symptoms caused by bacterial infections, for treatment, you can take it with other anti-cold medicine, no problem.

Cephalosporin, third-generation cephalosporins, anti-inflammatory drugs, depends on the child’s symptoms and severity.

Mild infection can be calculated with 2 mg per kg. Children can take 1/3 tablets twice a day. The infection is obvious. Can take half a tablet twice a day. Drink plenty of water. Take 3 days to observe the effect.In addition to drug-assisted treatment, you should also pay attention to your diet. Try to eat less or no spicy food, reasonable compensation, strengthen exercise, strengthen your physique, eat appropriate vegetables and fruits, and drink water. It is recommended to wear moreClothes cold medicine is used to treat cold symptoms, such as runny nose, headache, fever and other spore-scattering dispersing tablets are antibiotics, which mainly kill the infected bacteria and are fundamental.

Generally, a simple cold is usually caused by a virus and tends to heal itself. At this time, the use of antibacterial drugs is not effective.

However, if a cold causes an infection in the respiratory tract or other parts, antibacterial drugs are needed, but there is more evidence of infection in the corresponding parts.

Also pay attention to rest and drink plenty of boiling water. In severe cases, intravenous infusion treatment