Summer health porridge teaches you how to raise liver


Summer health porridge teaches you how to raise liver

How to maintain health in summer?

There are many ways to maintain health in summer, and summer health porridge is definitely a good choice.

In summer, all organs of the human body begin to over-active, and our liver will have yin deficiency, but it can not over-fill the liver, which will make the liver fire too prosperous.

Therefore, summer is very suitable for drinking liver porridge, the following teaches you how to take out delicious liver porridge!

Mulberry porridge mulberry 30 grams (60 grams of fresh mulberry), 60 grams of glutinous rice, crystal sugar amount.

Wash the mulberry, cook it with glutinous rice, and add rock sugar after cooking.

This porridge can nourish liver yin and nourish blood.

Suitable for dizziness caused by liver and kidney deficiency, insomnia and more dreams, tinnitus and backache, must be early white embolism.

30 grams of porridge scorpion, 60 grams of rice.

First cook the rice into a medium-boiled, then add the wolfberry and cook to eat.

It is especially suitable for those patients who often have dizziness, tinnitus and nocturnal emission, and weak waist and knees.

Hepatitis patients taking porridge will have the benefits of protecting the liver and protecting the liver and promoting liver cell regeneration.

Pig liver mung bean porridge fresh pork liver 100 grams, 60 grams of mung beans, 100 grams of rice, salt, MSG, the right amount.

First wash the mung beans, rice and cook together. After the fire is boiled, switch to a small fire and cook slowly. After cooking until the ripening, put the sliced pork or pork into the pot and cook. Cook and season.Product.

This porridge nourishes the liver and nourishes the blood, clears the eyesight, and emollients, which can make people radiant, especially suitable for those who are sallow, pale vision, blurred vision.

Plum porridge takes 5 grams of white plum, 80 grams of the previous rice, first boil the previous rice into porridge, then add white plum, boil for two or three minutes, eat a bowl for each meal, can eat for three or five days.

Plum blossoms are flat, can relieve liver and qi, stimulate appetite.

Appetite loss is good, and healthy people eat more heat.

Cassia porridge cassia 10 grams (available in Chinese medicine stores), 60 grams of rice, a small amount of rock sugar.

First, add cassia seed to the water and boil the appropriate amount.

Then use the juice and rice to cook together, boil the porridge and add the rock sugar.

The porridge clears the liver, eyesight, and laxative.

For redness and redness, photophobia and tears, high blood pressure, high blood fat, habitual constipation and other symptoms are obvious.

Health care must know the eight good medicines on the table

Health care must know the eight “good medicines” on the table

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Some foods not only provide rich nutrition, but also help to relieve discomfort.
The US “Prevention” magazine published the article “8 kinds of good medicines on the table” for your reference.
. 8 kinds of food on the table do not spend money “good medicine” Do you know?
銆€銆€1. Bananas relieve stress and anxiety.
Molly Kimball, a sports diet expert in New Orleans, USA, points out that a medium-sized banana can provide 30% of the daily vitamin B6 needed to help the brain produce pleasing serotonin and help ease the restless mood.
銆€銆€2, yogurt anti-flatulence.
A cup of yogurt containing probiotics can help the food enter the intestine more effectively, which not only accelerates gastrointestinal motility, but also helps to digest foods such as beans that are prone to flatulence.
銆€銆€3. Canned tuna improves mood.
90 grams of canned tuna contains about 800 mg of omega-3 fatty acids, which can improve people’s depression and anxiety due to depression.
銆€銆€4, ginger tea cure nausea.
A large number of studies have shown that ginger tea can alleviate the nausea caused by motion sickness or pregnancy, although experts can not determine which substance is working, but it is certain that drinking ginger tea is safe and has no side effects on health.
銆€銆€5, cabbage: prevent ulcers John Hopkins University study found that cabbage contains a powerful compound – sulforaphane, can eliminate bacteria that cause gastric ulcer, and even inhibit the growth of gastric tumors.
Professor Guo Haiying said that in addition to stomach ulcers, cabbage and other foods can also help treat oral ulcers.
Lotus seeds have the effect of replenishing the heart and spleen, nourishing blood and soothe the nerves.
銆€銆€7, garlic: against fungal infections Chinese medicine believes that garlic is warm, into the lungs, folk remedies use garlic to treat cough, asthma and other diseases.
Garlic contains alliin and garlic enzymes.
After being bitten in the mouth, they will contact each other to form a non-colored oily liquid, which is commonly known as allicin, and has a strong bactericidal effect.
Garlic is eaten raw and has a better antibacterial effect.
銆€銆€8, potatoes: headaches A medium-sized potato contains 37 grams of carbohydrates, can relieve tension headache caused by elevated serotonin.
Headaches caused by drinking can also be alleviated by eating potatoes.
Because of alcohol diuresis, excessive drinking causes the body to be dehydrated, trace elements of potassium are lost, and electrolyte balance is broken.
Therefore, eating potassium-rich foods can alleviate headaches caused by hangovers.

Your aging password is hidden in some places


Your aging password is hidden in some places

Aging is the enemy of mankind. Everyone does not want to grow old. In addition to the more and more wrinkles on the body, there are still many aging performances that we have not noticed. Are you following the following?


hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€鑲犻亾鈥斺€斻€€銆€浣犳病鏈夋兂鍒?This coil is up to 5?
The 6-meter guy turned out to be the place where you started aging?

This is true, because intervention is an important digestion and absorption system in our body, where nutrients are absorbed, toxins, and garbage is discharged from it.

Medical experts point out that 90% of the human body’s diseases are related to uncleanness in the body. One day without defecation is equivalent to smoking three packs of cigarettes.

銆€銆€The most direct problem caused by aging is that the bad breath is smoked. Not only that, but because of the accumulation of too much waste oil, the small “waist” is directly upgraded into a small “belly”.

銆€銆€Dietary recommendations: sweet potato, miscellaneous grains and other foods mixed with fiber. After the age of 35, the spine and lumbar spine begin to regress.

The S-shaped figure that women crave is not to say that your spine has to become S-shaped.

A side bend in the spine can cause many diseases.

The proportion of women to men, the number of people who have scoliosis is three times that of men, and women with scoliosis are particularly vulnerable. Moving a thing gently may result in a month lying flat on the bed.

Spinal diseases can also affect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and mental health.

銆€銆€The investigation found that long-term warping of Erlang legs is likely to cause bending and hunchback, resulting in uneven distribution of pressure between lumbar vertebrae and thoracic vertebrae. In the long run, it is bound to oppress the spinal nerves, and the warped Erlang legs will twist the blood circulation of the legs, causing leg varices.

銆€銆€Recommended diet: Appropriate supplementation of collagen and calcium, more sun!

銆€銆€Teeth – rabbit’s front teeth!

銆€銆€If you find that your teeth are getting longer than before, it’s not because they are growing, but because the gums are shrinking and even some of the roots are already exposed.

The average length of the incisors is generally 10?
12mm, the number of roots exposed by shrinkage and contraction of the gums, will this number increase to 15?
17 mm.

The gradual aging of the body functions causes the skin to lose its elasticity and the gums begin to relax.

銆€銆€The best way to protect your teeth is to keep your gums away from bacteria: brush your teeth twice a day, and use floss to clean it up.

Bleeding from the gums caused by bacteria can aggravate the atrophy of the gums. Similarly, excessive brushing will also remove the gum tissue and avoid it.

銆€銆€The nose-Pinocchi effect nose has a beautiful time limit, and the most beautiful time of the nose is 20-40 years old.

After 40 years old, when you wake up every morning, you will find that your nose is drooping, your nose is changing, your nose is slightly sunken, and even you can feel that your nose is much bigger than before. So, after 45 years old, you can’t say any more lies.!

This is because the nose shrinks like other soft tissues (skin, mole and muscle).

As time goes on, the bones will shrink, and without the support of bones, these soft tissues will have fewer supported pedestals.

銆€銆€Although we can’t completely avoid the atrophy of the nose and ears, we can follow the advice of experts and take precautions at ordinary times: avoid excessive sunlight, smoke, and start using some skin care products that can awaken regenerative cells.

銆€銆€Hair – getting thinner Under normal conditions, everyone replaces some hair every day.

But if you find that your hair is thin and thin, and you have already retreated from the hairline, or where the hair replacement is getting thinner, you should be aware of this problem.

After the age of 35, the same proportion of men and women will gradually leak long hair sparsely.

The cause is also related to the secretion of estrogen, which has long been considered a protective umbrella for hair growth. Keep eating 3 kinds of health foods at night, and brain-protecting blood vessels to improve memory!

锘? Keep eating 3 kinds of health foods at night, and brain-protecting blood vessels to improve memory!

In the evening, I insisted on eating 3 kinds of health foods, brain and brain, curing blood vessels and improving memory.

Black sesame black sesame contains a high content of potassium, but sodium is rare, and potassium has a certain effect on lowering blood pressure, which promotes sodium excretion after potassium is absorbed into the body.

So eating black sesame seeds can control blood pressure and keep your heart healthy.

In addition, black sesame is rich in natural vitamin E, which is the highest in plant foods. Vitamin E is a good antioxidant, which can transform skin and nourish skin, improve brain and improve memory.


Eggs and eggs contain all the essential nutrients such as protein, trace, yolk, lecithin, vitamins and iron, calcium and potassium, which are called “ideal nutrient pools”.

It can effectively spleen and digest food, excrete toxins from the body, and is rich in vitamin C to be able to be cosmetic and anti-aging.

The content of methionine in eggs is particularly rich, while cereals and beans lack the essential amino acids, which can brain, improve blood vessels and improve memory.

Rich in supplemental fiber can effectively promote resonance and peristalsis, effectively reducing fecal discharge.


Soybean soybeans are the most familiar ingredients in our daily life. Soybeans are called health beans and have a great health effect on people’s bodies.

Soybeans are rich in protein, vitamins and trace elements, which can improve brain memory and improve memory.

Soybean meal also has a high nutritional value. This barley contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, which are easily digested and absorbed by the body.

Soybean and persimmon fruit vinegar can soften blood vessels and lower blood fat.

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Health is actually raising yang, you must stay away from these bad habits that hurt people’s yang


Health is actually raising yang, you must stay away from these bad habits that hurt people’s yang

Health is actually raising yang.

But nowadays, many people are forced by pressure, or desires, or drifting around, constantly consuming their own yang, and even more terrible until they are hurt, and they are still ignorant when the disease is over.

Chinese medicine believes that yang is the driving force for the functional activities of organs and organs in the organs. The health and longevity of a person is closely related to the strength of yang in the body.

As the age increases, the yang in the human body will gradually decrease. At least, the frequent bad habits will also damage the yang in our body.

First, excessive eating, cold, yang, modern people are affected by Western nutrition, eating cold fruits, due to the spread of refrigerators, some people want to stimulate the oral food, especially the cold drink, these will seriously damage the spleen and stomach yangEspecially in the summer, the body’s yang is scattered outside, and the absorption is in a state of deficient cold. The cold food of the cold food to relieve the heat will damage the spleen and stomach.

Second, long-term staying up late is easy to hurt the sun. Nowadays, many young people often have the habit of watching mobile phones before going to bed at night, and develop the habit of sleeping for a long time. Sometimes they sometimes have a drama, playing games and staying up late, which is very easy to hurt.gas.

It doesn’t matter now, but when I am old, I believe that many people have regretted it.

Chinese medicine believes that the best sleep time is three hours of “Hai Zi ugly”, these six hours are equivalent to the winter of the year, the winter collection, the collection is the root of life.

It is recommended that everyone have a lunch break at noon, one is to raise the heart, and the other is to ensure that the afternoon is full of energy.

Third, excessive sexual intercourse damages yang. Modern people’s sexual life is significantly increased than before. This is related to the current business society. Common computers, TV, books, magazines are everywhere to promote men and women, long-term environmental rendering, seeing and hearing.Make the kidneys of the human body float for a long time.

Excessive sexual intercourse and untidy people’s kidney essence deficiency, hard loss is difficult to solid yang, leading to kidney yang transformation, manifested as fatigue, chills, cold and pain, five more diarrhea, eyesless, men with impotence and premature ejaculation, women’s palace cold infertility and other symptoms.

Fourth, excessive labor and yang consumption of modern people’s work, fierce competition, life pressure, troubles also increased, “Su Wen – angry heaven” said: “Yang Qi, trouble Zhang.

“Human body yang resistance to material and mental stimulation has long been working outside, I do not know the timely collection of rest, leading to yang deficiency, in addition, yang is too tired to lead to inability to enter the yin collection, resulting in insomnia, and even neurasthenia, so thatVicious circle.

Five, too much to eat a variety of Chinese medicine and herbal tea to damage the yang, now when the weather is hot, many people will smash a large pot of mung bean soup or re-pot a pot of chrysanthemum tea to the family to drink.

Mung bean is cold and sweet, has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying, quenching thirst and quenching thirst, but for those with weak hands and feet, abdominal distension and diarrhea, it is best not to overdo it, you can lick mung bean porridge for this milder eating.

Herbal tea such as chrysanthemum tea should not be consumed every day. If a person with a debilitating body has a large amount of chrysanthemum tea for a long time, the body will become more and more debilitated and the immunity will be reduced. These will be injured into yang.

Sixth, drug abuse accidentally hurts yang. An important issue in the domestic medical community is the repetition of antibiotics. Antibiotics are cold and damp. Oral administration mainly damages the spleen and stomach yang, which can lead to stomach cold, anorexia, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc.Intravenous medication directly into the blood vessels will hurt the heart.

Chinese herbal medicine also toxic mint affects the liver


Chinese herbal medicine also toxic mint affects the liver

People often have the misconception that “Chinese herbal medicine is non-toxic” and “plant is non-toxic.”

Apply Chinese herbal medicine.

The use of botanical drugs and their preparations for treating diseases is quite common at home and abroad.

In addition, the habit of taking Chinese herbal health supplements and secret recipes is becoming more and more widespread. The unlabeled ingredients in the secret recipe and the so-called 鈥渦nique taste鈥?may often have potential liver damage risk.

Chinese herbal medicine is an over-the-counter drug.

It is easy to obtain, and most of them do not use the medicine under the guidance of a physician, which increases their harmfulness.

銆€銆€Chinese herbal mint Some Chinese herbal medicines have the dual effects of drugs and toxic effects, and even the active ingredients are their toxic components, so not all Chinese herbal medicines are very safe.

In particular, some “hepatic drugs”, and even some Chinese herbal medicines have the effect of protecting the liver, such as detoxification, anti-fibrosis, immune regulation, etc., but some people may not know enough about toxicity.

Patients should take Chinese herbal preparations as directed by their doctor.

Avoid abuse and long-term use.

We should take a cautious attitude towards folk remedies and beware of poisoning.

In particular, avoid the use of previously reported Chinese herbal medicines that may damage the liver.

For example, Xiao Chai Hu Tang, a soup known as Xiao Chai Hu Tang in China and Japan, has been used to treat fever, fatigue and indigestion since 100 AD and is currently used in patients with chronic hepatitis in Japan.

It includes 7 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine: Bupleurum, Pinellia, licorice, jujube, ginseng, astragalus and ginger, and the liver damage is on average after 2 months.

Acute hepatitis-like lesions can occur, and some are taken again and become onset.

銆€銆€Large celandine is used in Europe to treat cholelithiasis and indigestion.

At least 10 cases of acute hepatitis-like liver damage have been reported, which contain more than 20 active alkaloids, of which the toxic complex has not been confirmed by separation.

銆€銆€Peppermint mint is used in a wide range of applications like other Chinese herbal medicines. Hosperone is the main ingredient that rapidly depletes the liver’s reduced glutathione.

Peppermint furan is a metabolite of menthol and also has direct hepatotoxicity.

Ten minutes of refreshment and body sculpting


Ten minutes of refreshment and body sculpting

I said that I have no time to exercise when I am busy with work. Have you ever thought about using the lunch break to exercise?

For many office workers, noon fitness is fashionable, as long as you pay attention to eating less meals before and after fitness, exercise can be refreshing, body shaping effect is also quite good.

銆€銆€The best exercise in the office is contraction exercise, because a posture lasts for too long, the muscles will be painful and tight, and at this time we have to stretch the muscles to make it smaller and relax.

The following are the office scale sports that office workers need most. These sports only need to be done in a short time, and they can achieve very comfortable results.

You can do it every time, or you can choose what you like. Don’t force yourself to do too much at one time. You should feel the muscles that open and relax when you exercise.

銆€銆€Top fracture action: hands cross over the back of the body, chest, chin slightly tightened, keep the abdomen, back, hip tightened, the spine maintains normal state, try to pressurize the distance, feel the extremity of the limb and arm,Maintain stable breathing 9-2 times and restore.

It is recommended to practice 6-10 times.

銆€銆€Role: can effectively relieve chest tightness and shoulder pain.

銆€銆€Dance-style gradual action: Maintain a good sitting posture, tighten your hips, try to keep your arms extended, slowly exhale, and keep your body in the vertical direction for about 10 seconds.

銆€銆€Function: It can effectively pressurize the side of the body and relieve back pain and pain on the back side.

銆€銆€Glass-washing action: Maintain a good sitting posture, straighten your arms on one side, slowly turn your palms, move your hands forward, and gently move your arms up and down about 20 times.

The abdomen, the chest tightens, keeps a gentle breath, and keeps the shoulders sinking.

Practice alternating left and right.
銆€銆€Role: can effectively exercise the deltoid muscles of the shoulders, help strengthen the shoulder strength, relieve shoulder pressure.

銆€銆€Vertical fracture action: Keep the spine neutral position, sit up straight, slowly raise your right hand and tilt upwards, bend your elbows, gently pull your left ear with your right hand, tilt to the right, keep breathing 6-10 times, pay attention to the left hand arm naturally relax and sag, shoulders.

Practice alternating left and right.
The recommended number is 6-10 times.

銆€銆€Role: can effectively alleviate obesity and pain.

銆€銆€”Butterfly Sleeve” Bye Bye action: Separate your hands and fingers, keep your arms and hips tight, hold your hands firmly and hold the chair down, feel the back of the arm tightened, hold for about 15 seconds, rest for 3 seconds and then practice next time.
The recommended number is 10-15 times.

銆€銆€Function: It can effectively exercise the triceps on the back side of the arm, and insist on practicing and can say goodbye to the “butterfly sleeve”.

銆€銆€Breast exercises: Maintain a good sitting position, abdomen, alignment, try to keep the arm perpendicular to the ground, and the upper arm parallel to the ground.

Imagine holding a piece of white paper between the elbows, keeping your breath, keeping your elbows clamped up and down and moving your arms 15 times.

銆€銆€Function: It can effectively overcome the attraction of gravity to the skin, exercise the upper side of the skin and the front side of the buttocks. Strengthening the exercise can relieve the pain of the upper limbs and thus the effect of the breast.

One feeling, two melons, three soups, four acupoints, five fruits, the mid-summer Dafa


“One feeling, two melons, three soups, four acupoints, five fruits”, the mid-summer Dafa

Chinese medicine believes that “spring nourish the liver, summer Yangxin, autumn Yangfei, winter nourish the kidney”, there is a “heart through the summer gas” theory, the heart and summer have the greatest relationship during the year, the heart burden is heavy in summer.

In summer, the temperature is high, the humidity is high, and the heat is disturbing, making people upset and irritable.

At this time, the metabolism of the human body is accelerated, the blood circulation is accelerated, and the burden on the heart is aggravated.

For patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, at this time, the blood vessels dilate, the blood volume of the returning heart is greatly reduced, and the emotional instability, drinking water and other reasons are likely to cause heart attack, leading to recurrence and aggravation of coronary heart disease such as myocardial infarction and angina pectoris.
People with weak cerebrovascular disease have a greater risk of cerebrovascular rupture before and after the summer solstice.

Raise the heart and cheats, two melons, three soups, four points, five fruits 鈻?鈻?鈻?at noon to have a “nurturing heart” survey research shows that the daily nap for half an hour is 30% less than the non-sleeping coronary heart disease death.
The reason is that blood pressure drops during nap, and the heart rate slows down, which is related to the peak of blood pressure during the day.

However, the nap time should not be too long, usually half an hour to an hour is enough.

In the summer, you should eat two kinds of 鈥渟weet melons鈥? The amount of melon and melon is as high as 96%; the potassium content is also quite high, and the potassium content per 100g is 130mg, which is a typical high-potassium and low-sodium vegetable.

Not only can it replenish water, but it can also supplement potassium. Potassium supplementation can remove excess sodium from the body and protect the heart.

Bitter gourd eats some bitter gourd in the summer, can go to heat and increase appetite.

The content of vitamin C in bitter gourd is 56 mg / 100 g, which is more than 10 times that of loofah and pumpkin, and it is also a kind of high potassium vegetable.

Nothing to drink three kinds of “Yang Xin Tang” Jumai Health Tea is very popular in summer, it is very suitable for chrysanthemum health tea.

The tea is mild.

Method: 10 kinds of snow chrysanthemum, 10 pieces of Ophiopogon japonicus, 20 g of fried malt, and these three kinds of traditional Chinese medicines are mixed every day, and washed with boiling water, and the tea can be replaced.

Three-leaf tea is especially suitable for summer heat and sanitation, tastes bitter, has a clear heart, nourish the heart and cool the way of action: take lotus leaves, bamboo leaves, mint leaves each 3-5 grams, or one of them (chargeLeaves, 5-10 grams of bamboo leaves, 5 grams of mint leaves can be used to make tea.

钘?powder 娓?powder clear heat and cool blood, spleen appetizer, drink some glutinous rice glutinous rice can cool off, go to heart fire, especially suitable for people who sleep well in summer.

Method: Add the appropriate amount of water to the paste, and mix it with boiling water to form a porridge with white sugar.

It is often necessary to press the inner point of the “Yangxin Point” (simplified acupoint) to extend the upper arm. In the front area of the forearm, the horizontal cross-section of the wrist is the same as the horizontal cross, and between the two cable-shaped ribs, that is, the Neiguan point.
[One press on the spirit]with the finger pointing the abdomen vertically aligned, pinch the Neiguan point, have a calming nerves, and stomach down, qi and analgesic effect.

When using a massage, use your left thumb to press the right inner point and press 鎻?0?
15 minutes, 2 per day?
3 times; then use the right hand to step on the Neiguan point in the same way, press 鎻?repeatedly.

Shaofu Point[Simple Acupoints]Shaofu Point is a heart detoxification point.

Shaofu points, located in the palm of the hand, between the 4th and 5th metacarpals, between the little finger and the ring finger.

[One press on the spirit]It is advisable to use this force to stop this health acupoint.

It can effectively detoxify the heart.

Fu rabbit points[simple acupoints]are sitting knees at 90 degrees, the doctor with the first horizontal stripes of the palm of the hand to resist the midpoint of the upper edge of the patient’s knee, the fingers pressed against the thigh, the middle finger is the point of arrival.

[One press on the spirit]Use your finger to point the vertical and vertical, and pinch the acupuncture points.

Tianquan Point[simple acupoints]is located in the palm of the hand, clenching fists, when the arm is bent, there will be aligned muscles on the upper arm, 2 inches above the muscles.

The name of this hole means that the blood of the heart will continue to supply the whole body like a mountain stream.

[One press on the spirit]often feel chest tightness and shortness of breath, diagnosed with insufficient blood supply to the heart can be between 7:00 and 9:00 in the evening, massage or scrape in Tianquan, can relieve symptoms.

Can not miss the five kinds of “fruit-saving fruit” tomato tomato, which has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying, cooling blood and calming the liver. The sour taste can be converted into astringent sweat, diarrhea and dampness, which can prevent excessive sweating and cause gas loss.It helps to stomach and digestion.

Red apple red apples are in the heart and have a stronger effect on protecting cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health.

It can lower blood fat and reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood.

The red bean ancient Li Shizhen put the red bean glutinous “heart valley”, which can not only clear the heart fire, but also make up the heart and blood. It can be said to reduce swelling and diuresis, blood, strong heart and spleen.

Cherry Chinese medicine believes that cherries can replenish your heart and raise your heart.

Cherry not only makes the blood flow smooth, but also warms the heart.
Mulberry mulberry has the functions of nourishing blood and nourishing yin, nourishing thirst, moistening the intestines and so on. It can also effectively expand blood volume and relieve high blood pressure.

Women lose weight three obstacles to overcome


Women lose weight three obstacles to overcome

Regardless of whether you choose to lose weight, you must continue to be uninterrupted, and you must stick to it every day, otherwise your previous efforts will be lost!

銆€銆€Women in the physiological cycle of the physiological cycle women will have different degrees of irritability, temper, addiction, lethargy, etc. before the menstruation. This phenomenon is “premenstrual syndrome.”

In the meantime, avoid irresistible fatigue and eat and drink, and reduce exercise due to fatigue and fatigue, and sleep will increase accordingly, so that you can’t operate without knowing it.

Tell female friends, don’t relax your vigilance during this time.

銆€銆€In a bad mood, because of emotional frustration or stress at work, it is easy to get started with food, especially eating greasy and sweet foods. These foods can give people a strong sense of comfort and satisfaction, so many people want to eliminate tension.Relieve stress and overeating.

Friends who want to lose weight must not be annoyed as an excuse for overeating!

銆€銆€The weight loss game should be consolidated for beauty and health. What you need to understand is that a small number of cells are regenerated, and the number of cells is not easy to reduce. When the energy consumed exceeds the absorbed energy, the volume of the body’s light cells will shrink, resulting in weight loss.

However, exercise also stimulates appetite. Once exercise is stopped, the diet is uncontrolled, and the intake is greater than the consumption. As a result, the volume of the accidental cells will suddenly swell up, and the “blessing” is particularly fast after stopping the exercise.

銆€銆€It is important to note that no matter what kind of weight loss exercise you choose, you must continue to be uninterrupted. You must stick to it every day, otherwise your previous efforts will be lost!

When stopping exercise due to work, going out, etc., pay attention to controlling the diet so that the absorbed energy does not exceed the consumption. The volume of such accidental cells will not increase, and the body shape will be relatively stable.

The way to get along with different character couples


The way to get along with different character couples

Some couples with different personalities often worry about their different personalities.

They often think that their character is very good, and repeating each other’s character is “not good” and leads to quarrels, affecting the marital relationship.

銆€銆€In fact, if we look closely at the couples we are familiar with, it is not difficult to find that: couples with different personalities, they get along very well.

銆€銆€On the contrary, some couples with similar or similar personalities, the relationship between husband and wife is not very good, and even often quarrels. Why is this?

銆€銆€The facts tell us: how to get along with each other is not whether the personality is the same, similar or different.

It is even how the husband and wife get along.

銆€銆€If the couple with different personality resistance can do it as follows, they will get along very well.

銆€銆€First of all, we must have a correct understanding of the character and respect each other’s personality.

Personality is a regularity of things, a relatively stable sense of reason and emotion, both good and bad.

It has two qualities, each with different lengths.

銆€銆€For example, people who are acute are more straightforward and easy to get along with, but they are angry and start a fire, which may be unbearable.

On the contrary, people with chronic conditions are mostly attentive, easy to get along with, and pay attention to quality, but at a slower rate.

Extroverts are more lively and cheerful, while extroverts are steady and deep.

銆€銆€In fact, we must foster each other to avoid weaknesses and complement each other. We must actively accommodate each other and try to carry forward the strengths of both sides in family life.

銆€銆€For example, let a sociable party be the other party;

The experience, temper and temper of both husband and wife can be called “heterogeneous”, and heterogeneity can complement each other.

銆€銆€The acute child is the same as the acute child, and the chronic child is the same as the chronic child. Although the personality is the same, but the contradiction comes, the former may have a “mountain and tsunami”, and can not be endless.

On the contrary, the acute sub-chronic match, if you can pay attention to complement each other, often will be soft and soft, slow and slow, suitable for movement, long sleeves complement each other.

銆€銆€The character of man is not never changed.

Both husband and wife should also pay attention to gradually overcome their shortcomings.

For example, if the temper is too eager, you must use your heart to overcome your own irritable emotions, and you must be calm and calm; if you are too slow, you should pay attention to speed.

However, it should be noted that you should never modify the other party, otherwise you must respect each other and help each other.

In this way, the husband and wife will be harmonious and happy.