Sixteen elements of complete yoga

Sixteen elements of complete yoga

Time: It is best in the morning. The higher requirement in India is at four in the morning.

At this moment, the person is very calm, there is no food in the stomach, and the secretion of glands is relatively slow.

Location: Quiet, well-ventilated and beautiful surroundings.

It is also good to have suitable venues outdoors.

The temperature should not be too cold or too hot, it should be more relaxing and comfortable.

Apparatus: It should be made of natural materials. It should not be hard, but in order to support the body, it should not be soft.

During yoga practice, the mat has been protecting the body, and the insulation effect can be avoided to prevent the energy accumulated in the body from being taken away by the atmosphere during the practice.

Clothing: Comfortable, relaxed clothing.

Remove the accessories from the contact.

Fasting: People after meals 3.

The food can be completely digested in 5-4 hours. At this time, it is basically on an empty stomach. Yoga practice should be performed in this state.

Eating habits: To choose fresh, natural foods, vegetarian food is the best choice.

(Long-term refrigerated foods are generally considered stale and unsuitable).

It is not advisable to eat within 20-30 days after yoga practice, after which time switch to eating.

Drink water as much as possible before practice, because it is not appropriate to add water during yoga practice, which interferes with breathing and internal circulation.

About 10 minutes after the end of the exercise, you can drink water, and this time interval is not strict.

Do not over-stress or over-strength.
Breathing: Use your nose to breathe, unless you specifically require it.

When doing compression, it is mostly inspiratory, contracting or squeezing.

Mind: Mind must be above the action you are doing, and consider how to combine mind with action.

Observing changes in the body, such exercises are effective.

Relax: Between the exercises in the two positions, you should relax your body and stabilize your body.

The order of the exercises: cleansing → warm-up → asana → breathing adjustment → meditation twelve.
Position opposition principle: forward and backward positions should be interspersed.

If some muscles remain tense in position, be sure to arrange a position to relax them later.

You can arrange the two positions opposite each other, or arrange a few positions in the same direction to relax the muscles.

Appropriate crowd: Basically suitable for all people, those with illness should be carried out under the guidance of a professional yoga teacher.
If you feel pain while doing posture, you should stop immediately.

Bathing before yoga practice can promote blood circulation and relax muscles. If you need to bathe after yoga practice, you should wait until the body’s circulation is calm and normal.

Ways to get into the yoga world: It’s best to get started with the teacher’s personal guidance.

After you have mastered the right principles and have a solid foundation, you can practice by yourself.

The instructional role of VCD and books is not complete. It is not easy for individuals to fully understand.

3D Titanic premiere Kate Winslet still looks

3D Titanic premiere Kate Winslet still looks

Core tip: “Titanic” reminds people of the rose-like woman Kate Winslet, after many years, in the London premiere of 3D “Titanic” on March 28, 2012, Kate-Winslet’s face remains the same, exuding a star-like light.

  The 3D “Titanic” London premiered on March 28, 2012. The stars led by James Cameron made an antique premiere in London, England. As the heroine, Kate Winslet appeared on the red carpet in high profileWe couldn’t help but marvel at the care of this legendary woman after many years!

After experiencing all kinds of turbulence, she has more calm and elegant, and her skin is rare and smooth.

  Kate Winslet’s metamorphosis lets us return to the ROSE in the sensational movie “Titanic” in 1997. The girl who is closely related to JACK in the classic lens, is gorgeous, and also has a baby skin.It looks hydrated and shiny.

After moving to 2012, after experiencing the Oscar and divorce storms, Kate Winslet appeared in front of the public with a new look. About many years ago, Kate had more indelible femininity and sensuality. From the skin,Kate is also a rare maintenance expert. It is firm and smooth, and does not see fine lines and wrinkles.

  Observing Facial Therapy Kate Winslet has a special set of maintenance methods, which is to make his own maintenance plan by observing changes in the face.

Based on the analysis of the skin’s complexion, contour (gloss), skin size (tenderness), and cleanliness, the analysis results are decomposed and analyzed. Finally, a maintenance plan is formulated for the skin based on the analyzed results.

This way can directly determine the needs of the skin and allow vitamins or mineral nutrients to be delivered to the right channel.

  Key Eye Care Kate Winslet, as the spokesperson for Lancome, believes that the brightness and richness of the skin tone are largely, especially for wrinkles and dry lines.

Usually Kate will strengthen the care of the eyes, because the fragile skin around the eyes is the easiest to find fine lines. Through the massage and treatment of eye cream, Kate also found that the skin becomes easier to apply makeup and the makeup is more durable.

  Radio wave skin is reborn. For European and American movie stars who are prone to aging, Kate Winslet, 36 years old, pays more attention to the youthful state of her skin.

It is reported that Kate Winslet is enthusiastic about the beauty of radio wave skinning. The distance of radio wave skinning is the technology that transmits the radio waves to the subcutaneous tissue to stimulate the regeneration of the instructor of the skin.

Through radio wave lifting, you can noticeably tighten the eyes and the fine lines on the face. It is not only Kate Winslet, but radio wave lifting is also an essential maintenance item for many Hollywood actresses.

15 ways to keep you sleep more beautiful

15 ways to keep you sleep more beautiful

Sleep is the best way for the human body to eliminate fatigue. If you can achieve “15 ways to sleep beauty”, it will definitely glow in the morning.

  1. Try to avoid or add a small amount of salt and alcohol during dinner to avoid puffiness on the face and eyes around the morning.

  2. Clean your face and make-up thoroughly before going to bed. If you do not clean it properly, it will easily make your eyes red and swollen.

Apply a cotton ball to the eye cleansing solution, put it on the eyelids and eyelashes for 10-20 seconds, and then wipe gently with cotton.

  3. Press the teabag soaked in wet water for 10 minutes before going to bed, and then apply eye cream.

  4. After washing your face, use a cotton ball to soak the “convergent lotion” and apply the lotion before sleeping.

  5. After washing the face, use “lip peeling cream” to remove the dead skin on the lips, and then apply lip oil to prevent lips from drying.

  6, oily or acne-prone skin, you may wish to try using the mask all night, will have amazing results.

  7. Rough curly hair should be washed during the day, let it air dry naturally, and there will be no hairy hair in the morning.

  8. Apply the conditioner without washing on the root of the hair, massage it carefully, and have a black hair in the morning.

  9. Use a ribbon to loosely tie the hair roots before going to bed. When you wake up in the morning, just comb a little, and your hair will appear fluffy and full.

  10, have enough sleep every day, the face is naturally more beautiful.

Apply vitamin E oil to the base of the nails, massage gently, and then massage your hands with hand cream.

  11. Soak your feet with hot water before going to bed, and then apply lotion on your feet. Massage with your hands on your toes, soles, and feet.

  12. Straighten your toenails for 5 seconds before you go to bed, then bend for 5 seconds, and do 5 times for each foot.

  13. After bathing, massage the whole body with moisturizer or oil, and then put on cotton pajamas or bathrobes that have been dried for 10 minutes.

The temperature on the clothes will be completely absorbed by the skin, making the skin smoother and more elastic.

  14. People who are prone to insomnia do not prevent drinking milk before going to bed because of the effect of rotten nerves contained in milk.

  15. Get plenty of sleep every day and don’t stay for 8 hours.

There are many ways to eat Schisandra chinensis

There are many ways to eat Schisandra chinensis

Schisandra chinensis, commonly known as mountain pepper, scale zongzi, schisandra chinensis, noodle vine, five plums, etc. “New Revised Materia Medica” of Tang and other articles contains “schisandra saccharum, hard in the core, has salty taste”, hence the name of Schisandra.

The efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine lies in its nourishing and strong strength, and its medicinal value is extremely high.

  Schisandra usage: Method 1: 5 grams of schisandra, 2 grams of American ginseng, soaked in boiling water to replace tea, regular drink can cure yin deficiency and internal heat, dry mouth and throat

  Method 2: 6 grams of Schisandra chinensis, 9 grams of Poria, Cuscuta chinensis, decoction to remove residue, add honey, 2 for one day?
3 servings.

Can cure neurasthenia and palpitations.

  Method 3: 9 grams of Schisandra chinensis, 9 grams of Ligustrum lucidum, 6 grams of licorice root, decoction to remove residue, 3 times a day, can cure tuberculosis, cough, shortness of breath, night sweats and nocturnal emission.

  Method 4: One or two Schisandra chinensis, one or two persimmons, five dollars each for North and South apricots, half a catty of ribs, five candied jujubes, boiled in twelve bowls of water for two hours to nourish the five internal organs and delay aging.

  Method 5: Will 3?
After simmering 5 grams of Schisandra simmered to a slight burnt temperature, brew it with boiling water for 5 minutes with appropriate amount of green tea and honey to make Schisandra tea. Regular drinking can invigorate the spirit and nourish the kidney and liver.

  Method 6: The amount of honey produced by Schisandra chinensis is 15-30 grams each time, three times a day. It can be taken in warm water or cold water. It can also be eaten directly.

  Method 7: Schisandra congee, boil rice and schisandra together.

Schisandra chinensis can nourish the liver and nourish the kidney, and rice has the effects of protecting the liver and protecting the stomach. Eating alcohol after drinking can reduce a lot of alcohol damage to the liver.

  Method 8: 100 grams of Schisandra simmered on behalf of tea, frequently in series, 1 dose per day.

Soothe the nerves, regulate the liver and kidneys, treat menopausal syndrome, restless nights, disturbed dreams, irritability, forgetfulness and other symptoms. Generally effective after 15 days, can be taken for 30-60 days.

  Method 9: 500 grams of Schisandra chinensis and 500 grams of longan meat are cooked twice with water for 1 hour each time. Combine the two decoctions, remove the residue, add 500 grams of honey, and boil over low heat to a paste, 1 tablespoon each time., 2 daily?
3 times.

Can cure qi and blood deficiency, insomnia and more dreams, dizziness and palpitations.

  Method 10: Schisandra pollen 1 can be swallowed with warm boiling water; 2, chewing the mouth can be fine, and then gargle with water; 3, can be mixed with pollen and honey with warm boiling water;When it is used as a powder, it can be washed with warm water or honey water according to the amount.

Generally it is best to take in the morning and evening on an empty stomach. If you feel uncomfortable after taking bee pollen before meals, you can take it within half an hour after meals.

It has the effect of nourishing the liver and protecting the liver, and has good adjuvant therapeutic effects against headaches, dizziness, back pain, insomnia and more dreams.

Can sugar be removed from acne?


Can sugar be removed from acne?

White sugar is very common. We often see it in the kitchen. When it comes to making dishes, we must choose it. It helps to improve the taste of the dish. It also uses white sugar to make dishes.All people have the effect of increasing appetite. That sugar is also used in other ways. Acne is also a good choice. Can sugar remove acne marks?

  Can white sugar be used to remove acne marks? White sugar is very helpful in beauty, but whether it can be used to remove acne marks is also not well understood by many people, so when choosing it, you must first understandAnd then use the best.

  Can white sugar remove acne marks: 1. Good results are obtained by using white sugar to remove acne marks: After washing the face, knead white sugar with water.

However, remember to use a facial cleanser when washing your face. Pay attention to prevent allergies when rubbing your face with white sugar and water.

  2. Using white sugar to make a whitening mask, you can hot smoke the vinegar. Choose a small amount of white vinegar until the face module is opened. Then use white sugar or a mixture of brown sugar and honey to apply it. It only takes about half an hour.Wash in warm water.

  3, the use of white sugar to nourish the beauty white sugar to nourish, have you tried it?

Some people have specially tested it. The method is very hang. Put sugar on the fruit, then wipe the face, and then wash it with water. The effect is not bad.

  4, white sugar is used to whiten and remove acne. Some people are really clever. Use white sugar not only to remove acne marks but also to whiten. The method is to put white sugar in a ceramic bowl, and then burn it on the fire. Immediately after melting, then add pure milkAfter mixing thoroughly and evenly, it will be used as a mask, apply directly on the face, and then rinse with water after half an hour.

  5. The use of sugar to exfoliate and exfoliate skin requires the aid of honey and water to mix the sugar, honey and water evenly. After rinsing, I believe that my pores have been opened. At this time, just mix wellThe beauty agent starts from the legs and massages in circular motions. It can be performed one part at a time, and then it can be performed for half an hour and then washed with warm water. During the use, there will be a sweet smell of honey. Close your eyes and let the BuddhaBeing in the middle of flowers, this exfoliation works well.

  Through the introduction above, it is also very good to know whether sugar can be used to remove acne marks. It is also a safe choice to choose it to remove acne marks, but it should be noted that when it is used, it should be carried out in an appropriate amount, not too much.If it is too much, it will affect its use effect. Pay attention to this point, too much may not have a good effect.

Lazy Home Simple Aerobics

Lazy Home Simple Aerobics

Introduction: Friends who work in daily training can no longer deprive them of physical exercise time, and don’t be jealous of others learning several boxing techniques.

“Dojo in the shell of the snail shell”, using “one acre three inches of land” in the room for simple fitness activities, the effect is also good!

  Morning exercise on the bed aerobics, turn your head and yield toes to reset.

  After waking up, people sometimes feel dizzy and swollen. This is caused by an inactive sleep that makes the head and the muscles stiff, and the blood circulation in the head is not smooth, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the head.

If you wake up and lie on your bed with your head turned 8-10 times to the left and right, you can also get dizzy.

At the same time, flexion and extension of the toe joints 10-20 times can make the lower limbs move.

  Second, stretch yourself.

  When sleeping, the body takes a flexed posture. After waking up, make two hands crossed on the bed, stretch the palms above the head, straighten the toes, straighten the body, and cooperate with the deep breathing movements. Repeated exercises 4-6 times to improve and eliminate fatigueTo speed up awakening.

  Third, supine lateral flexion.

  Lie on your back with one hand raised, with your upper body flexed flexibly, your lower limbs straightened, and each of the left and right flexion performed 6-8 times.

  Fourth, supine lower limb flexion and extension.

After doing the above, drowsiness may have decreased, and then you can do some lower limb flexion and extension.

To do this, bend your foot on the bed, then straighten your knees so that your knees touch the bed.

Take turns 10-15 times for each leg.

  Fifth, lie on the back, bend your knees together.

  Then, straighten your calf and raise your leg with your body at 90 degrees.

Then the abdominal muscles are forced, the legs are inclined to a 45-degree inclination, the feet must be at right angles, the Achilles tendon must be straightened, maintain this posture for a moment, and then return to the legs up posture, and then do this slowly.

Repeat 15-20 times.

Helps relieve constipation and strengthens abdominal muscles.

  10-minute fitness morning exercise on the balcony. After getting up in the morning, after washing, the brain is awake. You can wear pajamas, wear slippers, face south, smile slightly, relax your feet and shoulders, relax your upper body, and squat slightly.Grab the toes gently and look away.

  Second, head activity: Use the head as the pen tip, and use the idea to move the head to write the two words “longevity”.

These two characters can be written twice, and then make the head circle around these two characters, first go in the direction, and then make 2 turns in the opposite direction. The above movements should be slower. Don’t be impatient, but be stable. The time is about 2 minutes.
  Third, chest expansion activities.

Posture is unchanged, legs are slightly flexed, both arms are flexed forward with the chest flexed forward (finger palms point forward), lowered with chest.

Straighten your legs, swing your arms backwards to the side and lift your palms backwards.

Flex your legs and stretch them once, flex your arms in front of your chest and shake them back once (the boxing heart is down), and then try again. The time is about 1 minute. Be careful of your movements, don’t be too violent when expanding your chest, and have moderate strength.

  Fourth, cross your hands.

The general posture remains unchanged, with both hands drooping, the two palms crossing, the palms facing to the abdomen, and then the arms open to the outside. Each of them should open at an appropriate degree of nature. The speed is not fast. After opening the arms, immediately retract the arms., Make the palms return to cross, the time is about 1 minute.

  Fifth, draw a circle with both palms.

The palms are about 10 cm opposite each other. Keep this distance. The height of the palms is flat with the waistband, which is equivalent to the height of the “pulse” as traditional Chinese medicine says. Keep the distance between the palms and then move your arms in a circular motion.

First circle the body slightly to the left, 20 circles clockwise, 20 circles counterclockwise, and then return the body to face south, circle each 20 circles clockwise and counterclockwise, and then rotate the body upwards and continue as above.Make a circle of 20 turns in the forward and reverse directions. In this way, make a total of 120 circles in about 3 minutes.

  Six, lunge chest expansion.

With one foot in front and one foot in back, take a long, slender posture, and then stretch your arms out flat, hold the hollow fist slightly with your palms, and then perform a chest expansion exercise with both arms opened and closed.The lateral expansion of the vital capacity increases the oxygen inhalation, and simultaneously the two ankles and the lower limbs cooperate with the flexion and extension of the upper and lower limbs, so that the upper and lower limbs and the replacement part can be exercised.

After doing this, swap the two feet for another chest expansion exercise.

The above is about 2 minutes.

  Seventh, relax and organize and end.

It takes about one minute.

The method is to rub with both hands, before and after the body, especially the Zusanli point (located under the knee metatarsal bone, in the lateral depression of the metatarsal ligament, that is, the four horizontal fingers under the outer knee) and the Yongquan point (the sole of the foot, the five toes are bent hard), The central recess) Press the kneading point, and press the kneading point for a while for about a minute.

Brief Introduction to TCM Health

Brief Introduction to TCM Health

With the improvement of living standards, people live and work in peace and contentment, have no worries about food and clothing, become more and more aware of their physical health, and find ways to maintain health such as longevity.

The nations of the world have different ways of keeping in good health because of their geographical environment, economic foundation, social system, and living customs.

The Chinese nation has a long history and long history. It has many precious experiences in health care for thousands of years. Here we will briefly introduce the way of Chinese health care.

  What is health?

What is TCM regimen?

  Health is to maintain life.

The way to keep in good health is the principles and methods of maintaining life.

  TCM is a discipline that studies the laws of human life under the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine theory, finds ways to enhance vitality and prevent diseases, and at the same time explores the mechanism of aging and the principles and theories of prolonged life. Its theory is scientific and practical. It is ChinaThe essence of medical culture.

  The characteristics of the way of keeping in good health in traditional Chinese medicine follow the laws of nature, and conform to the laws of nature.

Ingestion means ingestion of life, which means that one’s life span is controlled by one’s own attempts. If one pays attention to health and transforms longevity, he will “go away after 100 years and live forever.”

If you don’t pay attention to your health, you will “half a hundred years away and die.”

There is a limit to human life. This is a natural law.

TCM health conforms to the law and pursues longevity but not longevity.

  Traditional Chinese medicine that emphasizes the spiritual aspect holds that human emotion is the spiritual world.

Spiritual recuperation is an important alternative to health.

Avoiding bad mental stimulation and improving the ability of self-psychological adjustment is one of the principles that Chinese medicine keeps healthy.

“Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor” said: “Zhiyihe is the spirit of integrity, the soul is not scattered, can not afford to anger, the five internal organs are not evil spirits.”

“Zhiyihe” is closely related to the individual temperament, gender, age, experience, cultural and ideological cultivation in the crowd.

People should be good at self-psychological photography, eliminate bad stimuli, and maintain a good attitude.

  It is claimed that the sexual intercourse has a degree of Chinese medicine that sexual life is inherently recognized as human instinct and is necessary for the continuation of race.

Moderate sex life is conducive to personal health, and is of great significance to the reproduction of the nation, the stability and harmony of society and the family.

But do not advocate indulgence, think that intercourse excessively hurt kidney and sperm.

  ”Work hard without getting tired” exercise method Physical exercise can make qi and blood flow, strong muscles, strong muscles, and strong internal organs.

With “movement” and “quietness”, that is, physical exercise to regulate people’s mental and emotional activities, and promote the physical health of the human body.

The amount of exercise should be moderate, gradual, and persistent. Don’t exercise with excessive intensity. The elderly should not exercise too much.

  Preventing External Evil Infringement The so-called external evil refers to the evils of the six sexes (wind, cold, heat, wetness, dryness, fire) and other trauma factors.

The purpose of health is to drive out evils and prevent external evils from invading. This view continues throughout the whole process of health.

  The measures of the TCM regimen for keeping in good health are conforming to the climate of four seasons, changing laws of yin and yang, and comprehensively recuperating from the aspects of spirit, daily life, diet, and exercise.

Its advantages are “Yang Yang in spring and summer, and Yin in autumn and winter.”

  To recuperate and recuperate is to recuperate the spirit. In addition to the four seasons to recuperate, there are also recuperating methods such as recuperating and concealing the gods, moving the gods, and the empathy.

  Regarding intensive health, there is a desire to be healthy, to have sex, and to pay attention to hygiene and other measures.

  Diet health advocates diet, and pays attention to food hygiene, to overcome dietary preferences and medicated health care.

  Traditional fitness techniques such as Tai Chi, Wu Qin Xi, Yi Jin Jing, Ba Duan Jin and other boxing techniques, as well as various qigong and martial arts sports.

At first, refining shape, refining meaning, refining qi, so that the body “formed with God.”

  Medicine health Chinese medicine believes that the deficiency of essence in the kidney and the deficiency of spleen and stomach are the main mechanisms of aging.

Tonic is exactly the basic principle of drug health.

Numerous traditional Yishou extension medicines, such as “Baxian Changshou Pill”, “Shouwu Yanshou Dan”, “Yan Yan Gu Ben Dan”, “Yan Nian Fu Ling Yin”, etc. have many effects on preventing premature aging, health care and ageing.

Some modern drugs that improve the immune system also belong to this category.  Acupuncture and health care Acupuncture and health care exert their healing and health care functions through the meridian system’s inductive coupling and regulating function balance; acupuncture health care uses the physical and thermal effects of acupuncture and moxibustion to apply acupuncture points to promote qi and blood movement, eliminate evils and relieve pain, and tonify kidneyThe spleen is strengthened and the righteousness is strengthened, so as to exert its preventive and health-enhancing effect; Tuina health is applied to specific parts of the body surface through various methods to regulate the physiological and pathological conditions of the body and achieve the effects of treatment and health-enhancing.

Just exercise for two minutes

Just exercise for two minutes

Time is like water in a sponge. Once squeezed, there is always time.

The same is true of fitness. As long as you squeeze time, you can always find time.

“Two minutes” is short enough, but you can also do fitness.

  In the morning, the pillow was cushioned behind, with both hands straight back and bending the body; do sit-ups 3 times; put the pillow on the back, abdomen to make your toes cross the bed surface, hold your head, your knees bent and closeTake turns to the left and right, merge and insert to touch the bed surface, but stay close to the bed surface without moving your hands.

  When wearing clothes, hold your hands behind your back and straighten your chest while straightening your hands; your upper body will hang down naturally, your hands will swing left and right, and your waist will twist to the left and right;

  Put on your pants to do a quick squat, with your feet upright, shoulder width, shoulders and waist straight when squatting and standing, with your hands flat, your legs stretched evenly, squatting to the end, and getting up fast.

Jump a few times at the beginning, then you can switch to a continuous continuous jump in the same place, so that not only strengthens the strength of the legs, but also exercise the heart, and improve cardiopulmonary function.

  After getting up to do 10 push-ups, 100 steps to raise your legs in place.

It can even stand upside down against the wall, which can not only enhance the strength of the upper limbs, but also promote blood circulation.

  Rope skipping is an appropriate method of activity. A standing rope is available for exercise at any time. The skipping rope can be used with one foot, two feet, and two feet in turn, and the speed is appropriate.

When jumping, apply nasal inhalation and exhale.

  When washing your face and brushing your teeth, you can do the top and upper body rotation, side-to-side movement, both hands flexing and stretching as far as you can, and the knee flexion and extension exercise that keeps squatting and standing up. The above are just a few examples.Two minutes of fitness time are always available.

  Not to mention that many sports can be performed “at will.”

For example, you can do leg exercises while talking on the phone, writing, and typing; you can consciously straighten your arms by walking or going up stairs.

Raise your chest, tighten your legs, and keep the curve of your chest and waist. During the break, you can sit on a chair for tibial exercises, keep your back straight and slightly away from the back of the chair, and stretch your arms behind the back of the chair, then liftLowering the arm can exercise the arm and extend the length. When replacing things on the ground, don’t bend down, but bend your knees. Squatting down your body can stimulate the muscles of the ankles and calves.

Even “tooth movement” when using the toilet, “eye movement” when washing feet, “anus lifting” when brushing teeth, etc., are all very desirable fitness methods.

The most effective dietary recipe for treating cough in children?

The most effective dietary recipe for treating cough in children?

Guide: Diet is an important moment for our body to function normally, but once bad nutrition is replaced, it will affect the health of the entire body.

A healthy diet will bring many benefits to our physical health.

Therefore, we must develop healthy eating habits and contribute to our health.

The most effective dietary recipe for treating cough in children?
  Introduction to cough for children with cough: Experts say that cough is divided into exogenous cough and internal injury cough, while exogenous cough is divided into cold cold cough and wind-heat cough. Different types of cough are completely different in medication, and the method of food therapy is different.

  Autumn is the season of high cough in children. How to give food therapy to sick children is a concern for parents.

Experts say that cough is divided into exogenous cough and internal injury cough, and exogenous cough is divided into cold cold cough and wind heat cough. Different types of cough are completely different in medication, and the method of diet is different.
You must first judge that your baby is coughing, and then choose a suitable diet.

  Wind cold cough If the tongue fur is white, it is a cold cold cough, which means that the child is cold, the cough is thin, white and sticky, and has nasal congestion and runny nose. At this time, you should eat some warm, phlegm and cough-proof food.

The specific methods are as follows: 1. Take 2-3 cloves of garlic in steamed garlic water, smash them, put them in a bowl, add half a bowl of water, put a rock sugar, cover the bowl and put them in a pot to steam.Switch to low heat for 15 minutes.

Give your child a drink of garlic water. Garlic may not be eaten.

Usually a day 2?
3 times, one small bowl at a time.

Garlic is warm, enters the spleen, stomach, and lungs, and has a good effect in treating cold cough and kidney deficiency cough, and it is convenient and simple, and children are willing to drink.

  2. Toast the oranges. Bake the oranges directly on a small fire, and keep turning them until the orange peel becomes black, and the hot air can be emitted from the oranges.

Allow the oranges to cool for a while, peel off the orange peel, and let the child eat the warm orange petals.

If it is a big orange, the child eats 2 at a time?
Three petals will do.

If it is a small tribute orange, the child can eat one at a time.

Best to eat with garlic water, 2 a day?
3 times.

Oranges are warm and have the effect of resolving phlegm and relieving cough.

  Note: Cold foods such as mung beans, crabs, mussels, field snails, snails, persimmons, grapefruit, bananas, kiwi, sugar cane, watermelon, melon, bitter melon, loquat, aunt, seaweed, laver, raw radish, eggplant, Loquat, winter melon, loofah, etc.

  Wind-heat cough If the child’s tongue is yellow and red, it is a wind-heat cough, indicating that the child has a hot cough, the cough has yellow sputum, is thick, is not easy to cough, and has sore throat. At this time, you should eat some lungs, Huatan and coughfood.

The specific method is as follows: 1. Pear + rock sugar + chuanbei cut the pear on the handle cross section, cut out the core and put 2-3 pieces of rock sugar, 5-6 pieces of chuanbei (chuanbei must be broken into pieces),Put the pears in a bowl, steam them for about 30 minutes, and give them to the baby twice.

This prescription has the effect of nourishing the lungs, relieving cough and reducing phlegm.

Because babies are generally greedy and cold, they blow air-conditioning when they are hot, and eat cold fruits all year round. Therefore, the number of babies suffering from wind-heat cough is significantly reduced.

  2, you can also give your baby the following food: ① persimmon: severe cold, can clear heat, phlegm, and cough.

But the baby can only eat one at a time, and his stomach will be uncomfortable if he eats too much.

  ② watermelon: cold, can cure all fever.

  ③ 枇杷: cool, can nourish the lungs and reduce phlegm.

Suitable for babies with hot cough and yellow sputum.

  ④ 荸荠: cold, sputum can reduce phlegm, clearing heat.

Peel 2-3 tadpoles, cut into thin slices, put in a pan, add a bowl of water, and cook for 5 minutes.

  ⑤ Eat winter melon soup, stir-fried loofah, stir-fried ravioli slices, stir-fried bitter gourd, etc., can also avoid the effects of internal heat, fire, and cough.

  Note: Spicy and easily ignited foods are not allowed to be eaten, such as lamb, dog meat, silk bone chicken, fish, shrimp, jujube, longan meat, pepper, cherry, silkworm pupae, etc.

  Internal cough refers to a long-term, recurrent chronic cough.

Or a cough caused by a cold and fever. Although the symptoms of the cold and fever have disappeared, the cough has not been better.
Babies with repeated coughs have poor appetite, lack of appetite, and almost white fur due to the complications of using anti-inflammatory drugs and antitussives.

At this time, parents should pay attention to food for the child to regulate the spleen and stomach, kidney, and lungs.

The specific method is as follows: 1. Peel the yam, cut into small pieces and put it into a food grinder, and add half a bowl of water to process the yam into a thin paste.
Then pour into a saucepan and boil while stirring.

Eat on an empty stomach. A bowl of yam porridge can be fed to your baby in 2-3 times.

Yam is good for spleen and stomach, nourishing lung qi and nourishing kidney essence. This formula is most suitable for infants and young children. It not only can relieve cough, but also has an excellent effect on treating anorexia, excessive sweating, drooling, and qi deficiency.

It should be noted that the yam should not be cooked for too long, otherwise the amylase contained in it will decompose and lose its tonic effect.

  2. Walnuts + sesame + red dates + honey, half a catty of walnut kernels, black sesame 2 a pair, half a catty of red dates, crushed and added to a large bowl and stir well, then add 1 rice spoon of honey and 3 rice spoons of water and mix well.

Cover the large bowl and steam it in the large pot for 40 minutes.

Give your baby a spoonful every morning and evening.

This prescription can not only treat children’s chronic cough, bronchitis, high blood pressure, but also is effective for constipation in children. Long-term consumption can enhance the baby’s physique.

  Editor’s reminder: Today’s life brings a lot of possibilities to our living conditions.

The types of diets are constantly increasing. Please pay attention to healthy diets for the health of our body.

Eighteen ways of health every day

Eighteen ways of health every day

First, dieting but not full, regular quantitative, to ensure that the digestive organs are healthy and disease-free.

  Second, avoid anger. When you are in trouble, do not be angry, not angry, or lose your temper, so as not to damage your health.

  Third, the hair often combs and combs the hair and strokes the cranial crest, which can promote metabolism, promote brain health, and clear the mind.

  Fourth, scrub your cheeks with a soft towel, including dry cleaning your face.

It can educate your mind and make your cheeks rosy without wrinkles.

  Fifth, tongue licking and palpation often with the tip of the tongue against the palate, closing the air and condensing, can refresh the qi and nourish the heart, more fluids, spleen and stomach.

  Six, the number of teeth 叩 align the upper and lower teeth, bite, 嗑 叩 several times.

Especially if you do it several times in the middle of the night, it can solidify the teeth without cracking and make the chewing muscles healthy and strong.

  Seven, haze gas in deep breath in fresh air, can promote blood circulation and enhance the function of the respiratory system.

  Eight, Yanjin San saliva is a treasure, can make digestion good.

More Shengjin fluid, so that the vitality of the mouth, divided into three consecutive mouths to swallow.

In particular, doing Jinsan three throats several times in the middle of the night has the effect of opening the chest and regulating the vital energy and enhancing the functions of internal organs, which can eliminate illness and prolong life.

  Nine, the eyes are moving to realize the exercise of various muscles of the nerves.

Eyeball rotation, often looking away, doing vision care * and so on.

  Ten, the ear often flicks the ear wheel, and moves the ear muscles, including Wutian drum, to enhance the function of the auditory nerve.

  Eleven, the back of the back must be kept warm.

  Twelve, the chest should protect the chest and warm the back is the key to maintaining body temperature and ensuring physical health.

It has health care effects on heart, lung, liver, spleen, stomach, kidney and other organs.

  Thirteen, the movement of the abdominal kneading abdominal muscles can promote renal pelvis movement.

Rubbing and massaging the palms on the abdomen can help digestion, eliminate stasis, strengthen qi and strengthen the body, and relax the internal organs and meridians.

  Fourteen, Gu Dao Tuo luck-lifting every day makes the anal sphincter do a contraction and relaxation action, enhances the function of the sphincter, and can refresh the vitality.

  Fifteen, limb joints are often used for sports and labor exercises.

  Sixteen, rubbing the soles of the feet to the bottom of the sea.

Wash your feet every night, rubbing your feet properly for dozens of times, or rubbing your palms against each other. You can receive Qi and blood, clear the turbidity, clear the collaterals, eliminate fatigue, and vomit new effects.

  Seventeen, when he banned urination, he closed his mouth tightly, shook his hands, and kept the house.

Can puzzle, qi, refreshing, fitness.

  Eighteenth, clean body and skin are hygienic, keep health, often take a bath, not sick, refreshed, and prolong life.