Pay attention to yoga practice time and frequency

Pay attention to yoga practice time and frequency

There should be no particularly strict rules on time and frequency.

For example, yoga exercise requires one hour before or after a long period of time without food, which is beneficial to certain actions and you want to get.

For those who have a strong desire to lose weight, it is best not to eat for three to four hours before and after exercise, because the aunt can be mobilized to participate in exercise consumption without preserving energy in advance. After exercise, the functional organs of the internal organs of the whole body are strengthened, including the absorption organs, soIf you eat immediately, your body will absorb too much.

As for the anal deed, the breathing method or eye health function can be performed at any time as long as you have time.

The number of exercises should be guided by your own feelings. Any kind of action has different degrees of effectiveness in different people, because of your own physical condition.

  The time limit is relatively speaking.

If you fail to follow these standards you can continue your exercise.

One hour before eating, this means don’t eat immediately after exercising, you need to rest and relax your body. If you are hungry or must eat, go eat well, but don’t eat too fast.

In the practice of 2 hours after eating, it means, don’t let your stomach work out while working. If the stomach works out while working out, the body will often overburden and cause illness or easily cause adverse effects, even foodCan not be absorbed well, the body is easily fatigued during exercise, it is not easy to concentrate, and so on.

  If you eat little or easily digested food, they will digest it quickly.

This usually takes about 30-`120 minutes, and you can master it.

Ten ways to improve workplace relationships

Ten ways to improve workplace relationships

Restricted opinion: Excessive disputes are not beneficial to themselves and they have uncultivation.

In general, people should not be rushed to express their attitudes or make opinions, so that people are not sure.

Discreet silence is shrewd avoidance.

  Know yourself: Promote your most outstanding talents and cultivate other aspects.

As long as you understand your strengths and hold on to it, everyone will be prominent in something.

  Never exaggerate: Exaggeration is detrimental to reality and easily makes people doubt your opinion.

Smart people restrain themselves, show a cautious attitude, speak concisely and never exaggerate themselves.

Overestimating yourself as a form of lying.

It can damage your reputation and have a very bad impact on your relationships.

Damage your elegance and intelligence.

  Adapt to the environment: the fittest survive, don’t spend too much energy on chores, and maintain the relationship between colleagues.

Don’t show off every day, or others will be bored with you.

People must always feel something new.

The person who shows a little every day expects people to keep expectations and not bury your talent.

  Learn from others’ strengths and make up for their weaknesses.

When communicating with friends, treat everyone with a humble and friendly attitude.

Treat your friends as teachers and combine useful learning with humorous words. What you say will be praised, and what you hear will be learning.

  Concise: concise can make people happy, make people like, and make people easy to accept.

The lengthy burden of speaking can be daunting and annoying, and you can’t make it through.

Concise and clear tones, you must do more with less.

  Never be arrogant: always hang on to your own strengths and often show off your strengths in front of others.

This intangibly degrades and elevates oneself, and the result is to make others look down on you more.

  Never refuse: you will lose credibility if you lack credit.

When you do something unsuccessful, you have to be brave enough to admit your deficiencies and work hard to make things a success.

Re-adjust yourself moderately without making people despise you. On the contrary, there are always objective and objective reasons. Repeating this and repeating that will only make others despise you!

  Don’t lie, break faith: lying to friends and colleagues will lose the trust of friends and colleagues, so that friends and colleagues no longer trust you, this is your biggest loss.

We should avoid talking big, we should do what we say, and we would rather not do it.

  Long-term vision: When you are wealthy, it is easy to think of poverty.

Smart man is preparing for winter.

Make more friends.

Maintain a good relationship between friends and colleagues, and one day you will see the reappearance of people or things that don’t seem to matter.

Simple diet therapy for constipation

Simple diet therapy for constipation

Eat less and move less, the belly is always bulging, like a little frog.

In fact, the root of all this is related to constipation, intragastric inflation, etc.

Today, I will teach you some simple diet conditioning methods, teach you to effectively treat constipation, and eat a flat stomach.

  Test: What kind of stomach heat do you belong to?

  Stomach fire, constipation, epigastric burning, refusal to press; thirst, cold drinks; stomach noise, acid swallowing; Xiaogushan cure (ie, full, hungry fast); swollen gums, oral ulcers, bitter bad breath;  Yellow urine.

  Intestinal fever, constipation, hot flashes; abdominal pain, refusal to press; sweating thirst; short short red; hot junctional bypass, smelly stench (ie, strong stool smell, smelly fart, etc.) Causes of stomach burning and constipation: It is caused by excessive consumption of spicy, warm and dry products, heat and fire, or evil heat and stomach, or emotional insufficiency, and qi stagnation and fire and stomach, resulting in excessive stomach fire.

  Solution: Qingxie stomach fire these foods relieve constipation!

  Apples, pears, bananas, mung bean sprouts, duck meat, rabbit meat, loofah, cucumber, rice, millet, wheat, mung bean, cabbage, tomato, tofu, reed root, pistacia.

  These foods aggravate constipation!

  Wine, chili, ginger garlic, pepper, pepper, cumin, bread, instant noodles, coffee, biscuits, lamb, dog meat, catfish, grass carp, fried food.

  Relieve constipation and eat the initial lower abdomen!

  Millet reed root porridge material: millet 50 grams, reed root 5-10 grams, appropriate amount of water.

  Production: Boil the reed root for half an hour, remove the residue, boil the millet porridge with reed root water, and wait for the millet to boil.

  Taking: once a day or once every other day.

  Plant health Chinese medicine prescription materials: Yu Wenxuan series of slimming soup 2-3 bags production: brew directly with boiling water, substitute tea.

  Causes of constipation due to intestinal heat: Mostly due to the spicy and thick taste of foods, gastrointestinal yang heat, or fiery heat, excessive sweating, or sweating due to misuse, leakage of heat, intestinal dryness, and heatWhat’s more, dry feces are cast inside knots.

  Solution: Relieve heat and intestines these foods relieve constipation!

  Roses, jasmine, buckwheat, pine nuts, sesame, previous rice, peas, eggs, black fungus, white fungus, brown sugar, spinach, carrots, beef, rabbit meat, potatoes, shiitake mushrooms, oranges.

  These foods aggravate constipation!
  Bread, instant noodles, coffee, biscuits, chocolate, ume, lotus seeds, sashimi, pomegranate, cream cake, fatty meat, fried food, preserved food.

  Relieve constipation and eat the initial lower abdomen!

  Sanwutong porridge materials: 30 grams of pine nuts, 10 grams of white fungus, 3-5 roses, 50 grams of previous rice, moderate water.

  Production: Tremella foaming for future use; use boiling water to boil the rice and pine nuts, add tremella, and simmer until cooked; add roses 5 minutes before boiling, and simmer for a while.

  Lazy mm favorite party materials: 10 grams of black fungus powder, 10 grams of white lotus root powder: the above materials are directly brewed with boiling water, 2-3 times a day, eat half an hour before meals.

Psychologists analyze lies in the workplace for you

Psychologists analyze lies in the workplace for you

The latest research results released by British psychologists show that the content of people in the workplace chatting, calling and sending emails is controversial and lacks authenticity. At the same time, liars are most afraid of lying face to face because they are worried about their posture orTone can be exposed by lying, and the most convenient way to lie is by sending an email.

  Common office lie is reported to include private information, distorting facts and concealing true similarities.

The research results show that when employees try to play tricks on the boss, colleagues or customers, they will first choose to send an email, and then call, and face-to-face communication is the last thing a liar wants to face.

However, although email is the best way to lie, most people are reluctant to lie by writing letters, which may be a fear of leaving written evidence for the lie.

As a result, more than half of the office lies happened during the oral conversation.

  Psychologists have also found that it is more difficult for people to lie to friends than to enemies.

  Psychologists say that people are more likely to lie when they talk face to face, and lie between close colleagues.

Therefore, if you want to know the truth of the matter, please talk to the opposite party instead of communicating by email.

  Lies and stress related results The above results were obtained by researchers Dr. Sandy Mann and Vinson Schick from the University of Central Lancashire.

Dr Mann, a psychologist, said: “Research shows that conspiracy is commonplace in the workplace.

Both bosses and employees should be vigilant about some common scams.

“Although Dr. Mann’s study did not investigate the causes of lying in the workplace, psychologists believe that this is mostly due to stress.

Dr. Mann pointed out: “The liar may have hidden words, or did something wrong, or wants to outdo others, but most of them are to give a good impression.

The more competitive the place, the easier it is to breed lies.

Song Huiqiao’s Private Idiot Care

Song Huiqiao’s Private “Idiot” Care

With clear and clean skin, pure eyes and plump lips, Song Huiqiao is destined to become the most outstanding cosmetic model.

From the cute girl image in the past to a refined urban girl, she has recently been selected as the brand’s image spokesperson. When talking about the image upgrade and maintenance, she said that whitening and moisturizing is the most important.
.hzh {display: none; }  美白档案–首推柠檬汁  “我是个‘嗜白如命’的人,美白是我最关注的保养。However, unavoidable frequent makeup, filming stress, lack of sleep, etc. will make you look very shy, and it is easy to cause melanin deposition.
Applying a whitening mask every day, Qinqian Whitening Essence is a homework I must do no matter how tired. Only in this way can I quickly restore my original fairness.
In addition, the diet also needs to pay attention to. I usually eat chocolate, cola, black tea and other irritating things. In addition to eating more fruits, I can usually supplement some multivitamins. You can drink more beauty and beauty drinks, such as ginseng tea and lemon.Juice and ginseng nutrients can accelerate blood circulation and have a rosy complexion, while lemon has whitening effect, which can strengthen whitening from the inside out.
Whitening Heart Sutra: When you are at home, you can mix a fresh egg with a small spoon of honey and brush it on your face. After air-drying for a while, wash with clean water. The egg yolk is rich in lecithin, triglycerides, and yolk.An essential element in many whitening products.
  When in the studio, make a cleansing and clearing mask before shooting every day to make the makeup more natural; after work, use water lock to nourish the sleeping mask to save time.
  Whitening Heart Sutra: When you are at home, you can mix and apply a fresh egg with a small spoon of honey on your face, and then wash it with water after air-drying for a while.An essential element in whitening products.
  When in the studio, make a cleansing and clearing mask before shooting every day to make the makeup more natural; after work, use water lock to nourish the sleeping mask to save time.
  Naked skin should be natural and healthy. “I personally prefer the effect of nude makeup, but some nude makeup looks particularly lifeless.
I think the real good skin is not foundation, but smooth and healthy skin that glows even without makeup.
However, when there are many shows, it is easy to get dry around the cheeks. When applying basic makeup, you must add more moisture, and you must first use a moisturizing essence. When applying the cream, you must first apply sunscreen; lipstick is my personal preference for peach.Natural colors such as red and rose.
In addition, I also have a trick. Whenever the pressure builds up, I will take a half-bath with fresh bath products, which can relieve tension and stress.
“I have always insisted on physical health management, and I want to share with you some of my experiences. One is that you must do some stretching exercises before and after exercise to relax your muscles. When eating, enjoy a slow meal and try to avoid eating fast food for the sake of convenience; do not wait untilDrinking water when you are thirsty is very helpful for your health.
If you are healthy, your skin will look good.
Nude Skin Beauty Heart Sutra: It is better not to use bright cosmetics, it will make people look mature.
  You must remember to use blush, apricot is very suitable for Asians, but before you apply the blush, you must first bounce it on makeup paper or palm, otherwise it will be easy to apply a ball.
  Carry the spray with you, it can alleviate the problem of powder and makeup.
  Hair “membrane” son-in-law “I pay special attention to hair care.
In the filming of a previous film, the whole costume was made in ancient costumes, and a lot of hair gel was applied. After starting it for more than ten hours, my hair couldn’t breathe at all.During that horrible time, her hair was still intact.
As for the choice of hair care products, I am a “loyal fan” of ginseng flowers. Basically, the hair care products I use contain ginseng flowers.
Hair Maintenance Heart Sutra: When washing your face every morning, you must thoroughly rinse the hairline. This place is easy to leave the facial cleanser and cause hair loss.
  Hair care lessons are more important to do on the scalp. Regular professional scalp care is just as important as regular skin care.

Watch out for two appliances that harm children’s vision_1

Be wary of two appliances that harm your child’s vision

[Guide]A large number of infants and young children like to watch TV, and their parents also believe that the initial intellectual development is beneficial to the baby’s intellectual development.

In addition, many parents use flashlights to take pictures of babies. Experts believe that these behaviors will damage children’s eyesight.

The health of the eyes is closely related to the development of acquired academic ability. Poor eyesight will directly affect children’s ability to balance and intuitive judgment.

Typical case baby watching TV hurts eyesight. Since 6 months, he likes watching TV and stops crying whenever he sees the TV picture.

Too many parents like babies think that watching TV for children can broaden their horizons and increase their knowledge in advance.

However, child health experts have suggested that the proper distance for watching TV should be 2 meters away. This distance is not very suitable for infants less than 1 year old.

The distance of the baby’s vision gradually changes from near to far with age. The baby can only see the toys and articles placed in front of him 3 months ago, and gradually develops to be able to look at objects around 1 meter and activities at a distanceMoving objects.

Therefore, it is impossible for a small baby to see a TV picture from 2 meters away; at the same time, the TV image is always blurred than the actual overlay. In addition, the TV image is jittery, and the poor quality TV image is even worse.

In this way, babies watching TV can increase eye fatigue and reduce vision.

Impaired vision cannot be changed with food. Problem 1: Indulge children in watching TV. At present, infant parents attach great importance to their baby’s intellectual development, but have not yet paid enough attention to visual health, and the close relationship between eyes and academic development.

Professor Jiang Zhuoqin of the Women’s and Children’s Branch of the Chinese Nutrition Association pointed out that not long ago, the Pediatrics Branch of the Chinese Medical Association and Wyeth jointly conducted a “Survey on Knowledge of Visual Health and Academic Development of Infant Parents”.

The survey found that most parents let their children watch TV and provide early education by showing their children discs.

Reminder: In fact, even if there is good prevention for infants to watch, they can only watch for a few minutes from a distance of 2 meters, and do not watch every day.

Question 2: What to eat can supplement what many parents think, as long as carotene supplement and fish eyes can protect eyesight.

But experts suggest that once vision is impaired, it cannot be changed by food.

Although fisheye contains nutrients, the content of nutrients is not high and it is difficult to achieve eye-filling effects.

Reminder: 0-4 years old is an important period for baby’s eye development. Parents should pay attention to protect the baby’s eye development. For the baby’s visual health, lutein, vitamin A, DHA, AA, etc. are all good for the baby’s eye healthImportant nutritional elements.

Question 3: Photo flashes are susceptible to eye damage. Most parents do not know enough about infant eye development.

Although more than 40% of parents believe that ultraviolet and television computer radiation reset children’s eye health, only a few parents understand that blue light is harmful to their children’s eye health.

Reminder: Compared with adults, the lens of infants and young children is relatively clear, can not effectively filter light, and the eyes are more likely to be damaged.

Ultraviolet rays and infrared rays are usually absorbed by the cornea and the lens, and generally do not touch the retina; the high-energy visible light-blue light in visible light penetrates the retina, accelerates cell oxidation in the macular area of the retina, and irradiates even damages the visual cells.

Strong sunlight, flashlights, infrared bath lights, etc. should not be directed into the eyes of infants and young children, preventing infants and young children from sleeping under excessively strong light.

It is recommended to wear a sun hat or face away from the sun when going out in the sun.

Eye protection knowledge Bright colors can help your baby’s eyesight make eye contact with the baby from the 8th to 12th week of birth. In addition to the baby’s simple visual inspection at birth, he should receive regular professional training from 6 months oldVision check; Vision check at the age of 3-4, and at least every two years thereafter (or according to the recommendations of health care staff); eyes are the window of academic development of infants.

Especially for infants 0-4 years old, in the process of their growth and development and academic development, 90% of external information is obtained through the eyes, which directly affects infants’ movements and language development, and also relates to cognitive abilities andExplore the development of capabilities.

Parents are advised to stay home at home. They can use brightly colored objects and graphics to stimulate the baby’s vision, which will also help the eye development.

Eat more fungi in winter

Eat more fungi in winter

In winter, fungal food is the food of choice for people’s health.

  First, mushroom traditional Chinese medicine believes that the mushroom has a flat taste and sweetness, which has the effects of nourishing the spleen and replenishing qi, moistening phlegm, and strengthening the stomach and liver.

The polysaccharides extracted from mushrooms are effective for leukopenia and infectious hepatitis; the culture medium of mushrooms can lower blood sugar and inhibit Staphylococcus aureus, typhoid and E. coli.

  Mushrooms are rich in nutrients, rich in high-quality protein, vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin E, vitamin C and trace elements. It is a low-fat, low-sugar, low-salt, low-content, high-protein food.

  Mushrooms may also improve disease resistance, increase hemoglobin, and significantly increase intelligence of lysine. It is a suitable food for young and old in winter, especially children often eat mushrooms to improve brain health.

  Second, black fungus black fungus is rich in nutrition and delicious, and it is commonly used in winter home cooking.

  The medical function of black fungus has been recognized by the local people for a long time. Li Shizhen pointed out in the Compendium of Materia Medica that “Auricular fungus is born on dead wood, it is sweet and flat, and it can be light and strong.”

Chinese medicine believes that black fungus has the functions of clearing the lungs and nourishing qi, promoting blood circulation, nourishing the stomach, moisturizing, nourishing and strengthening the body, and treating complications such as hemorrhoid bleeding, blood stasis, blood in the stool, and bleeding in the collapse.

  Modern medicine has proven that black fungus can reduce blood clots, soften blood vessels, high blood pressure and atherosclerosis.

The vegetable gum contained in black fungus is also a natural tonic that is good for the human body.

  Third, the traditional Chinese medicine of shiitake mushrooms believes that shiitake mushrooms have a flat taste and sweetness, and have the effects of nourishing qi and strengthening the spleen, and stomach and kidney.

  Japanese scholars have discovered that the polysaccharides contained in Lentinula edodes can degrade cancer toxins, thereby transforming the effects of cancer toxins on the immune system.

  The glucosidase contained in shiitake mushrooms can enhance the body’s anti-cancer effect.

  The nutritional value of shiitake mushrooms is very high. It is determined that it contains 30 kinds of enzymes and 18 amino acids, and contains ergot sterol, which is lacking in ordinary vegetables.

  Fourth, Tremella Chinese medicine believes that Tremella is flat and sweet, has the functions of nourishing the lungs and resolving phlegm, nourishing yin and promoting fluid.

Anticancer polysaccharides in Tremella fungus have inhibitory effects on a variety of tumors.

  Tremella syrup can significantly enhance the function of macrophages and protect against radiation damage.

  Winter tremella is often eaten. It has excellent conditioning effects on neurasthenia, insomnia, palpitations, physical weakness, hypertension and arteriosclerosis.

Adjust your work and rest to achieve a good balance of acid and alkali

Adjust your work and rest to achieve a good balance of acid and alkali

Living habits and personal work and rest are the acquired conditions that cause a change in the physical constitution.

If you want to have a healthy and good body and not let the disease easily go up, then you must start by changing yourself.

The Health Channel teaches you to change your wrong lifestyle habits, and coordinate with your diet, you can easily develop a healthy and good physique of acid-base balance!

  An interesting study shows that when we are angry or upset in the sun, body fluids are acidic, and when we are in a cool place, resting or bathing in warm water, the body fluids are alkaline, and the acid and alkali of the body are wonderful.In the drops.

  So try to do the following: 1. Keep a happy mood!

  Emotional anxiety will cause many physiological changes. If you are under stress and tension for a long time, it will easily cause acidic constitution and cause cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, you must always keep a happy mood. When the stress comes, you can listen to music and do it.Fuck, walk to the countryside.

Try to find relief.

  2. Go to bed before 12 o’clock!

  If you don’t sleep at 1 in the morning, your metabolism will be burned by endocrine, and the toxins produced will be a lot, making your body sour.

People who stay up late usually have a higher chance of developing chronic diseases than those who smoke and drink.

So go to bed before 12 o’clock every day, don’t stay up all night, if you have to stay up all night, it is limited to once a week. In addition, do not eat meat when you stay up all night, you can eat more, so as to minimize the harm.

  Do not eat after 3 or 8 o’clock!

  Only eat at 8 pm, it is easy to get tired, you ca n’t get up the next day, and your liver will be damaged. This is because when you sleep, the activity of all the organs in the body is reduced and it is in a resting state.Then it produces toxins that harm the body.

  4. Get up early and be in good health!

  Our body temperature reached its lowest point at more than 4 am, when blood circulation was the slowest.

If you sleep too late, your blood circulation will slow down, and the oxygen will decrease, which will cause hypoxic combustion, causing your body to become sour.

  5. Eat good breakfast!

  Some experts believe that breakfast will account for 70 points for 3 meals a day.

It can be seen that breakfast is the most important, but modern people generally do not eat breakfast, and what is worse is to develop the habit of eating supper. This is not the correct eating habit!

  6, eat less delicate food!

  Some girls who love beauty but do n’t like sports eat less for their body, so they deliberately choose small and delicate foods and eat less rough foods. Not only does the intestine age quickly, but liver function is poor, it is usually black.Constipation often occurs.

  In fact, the fiber of exquisite foods is generally lacking, which leads to poor bowel function and even atrophy. The food you eat turns into toxins, making your body sour, and various chronic diseases will follow.

Six trendy lifestyles hurt your health


Six trendy lifestyles hurt your health

One is nightlife.

Clubbing, karaoke is the trend of urban life.

However, Zhou Kun analysis believes that human body, such as crops, is also divided into spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Winter Tibetan refers to people who need to recharge their batteries. After 10 pm, it is the relative exhaustion of human blood, which should be rested.

The dirty air and noise in the bar and karaoke room are not a good place to recharge your batteries.

If you often run outside in the middle of the night, over time, you can not relieve the pressure, you have to fall into the root of the disease.

銆€銆€The second is online life.

According to Zhou Kun, continuous Internet access not only causes damage to the eyes, but computer rays accumulate in the body over the years and cause damage to the blood system.

Excessive information on the Internet is not only easy to cause people’s visual fatigue, but also easily cause nervous system diseases.

Therefore, he suffers from controlling the time spent in front of the computer every day, and arranging outdoor activities to relieve nervous system pressure.

銆€銆€The third is air conditioning life.

Zhou Kun said that air-conditioning disease is also one of the modern urban diseases.

Facial nerve palsy, cerebrovascular diseases are many of the summer’s artificial cool winds.

Even the warm winter winds are not harmful. The cause of rheumatoid arthritis is the warm wind, not the cold wind that people imagine.

In addition, the cold and hot, closed environment, also provides a “fertile soil” for various respiratory diseases.

銆€銆€The fourth is to shape life.

Having a good figure is a good wish of many urban white-collar workers. The body-wearing underwear advertisement just captures people’s psychology and publicizes the magical effect of slimming underwear.

Zhou Kun said that the excessive wrapping of slimming clothes is easy to press the kidneys, spleen and other organs in the abdominal cavity, causing the internal organs and nervous system to be in a state of tension for a long time, resulting in reduced function and diminished digestive system.

Doctors suggest that loose underwear should be worn properly without affecting the beauty of the body. Slim underwear should not be worn.

銆€銆€The fifth is detox life.

Life is affluent, and the beauty of the intestines that only the stars can consume in the past is now the choice of some beautiful people who have a good life.

The beauty agency also recommends using a fasting method to detoxify.

In the opinion of experts, detoxification should pay attention to methods, which vary from person to person.

銆€銆€Six is the sunscreen life.

The aesthetic standards of Chinese people are white, and many people pay special attention to sun protection.

Zhou Kun said that excessive exposure can cause skin aging and may even cause skin cancer, but reasonable sun exposure is the best supplement for the human body.

American medical experts have found that regular exposure to the sun or regular sun exposure every week can cause vitamin D in the human body, which can effectively prevent diseases such as osteoporosis.

Of course, the sun should be different depending on the race, season, and time. Generally speaking, there is an hour of sunshine per day.

Potato tomato soup can improve appetite in cancer patients


Potato tomato soup can improve appetite in cancer patients

In the theory of Chinese medicine, food is called traditional Chinese medicine, and it has its own four natures: cold, hot, warm, cold and schisandra, bitter, sweet, pungent, salty, and its health overcoming or taboo.Say.

Food is the basis for our life, growth and health.

To prevent cancer, stay away from cancer and pay more attention to your daily diet.

The main nutritional components of corn are protein, protein, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, carotenoids, selenium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and so on.

  The therapeutic effect contains carotenoids and lutein to prevent cataracts; fiber supplementation can improve constipation, prevent enteritis and bowel cancer.

Magnesium contains the effect of inhibiting the spread and development of calcium fluoride.

Selenium can be combined with carcinogens in the body to excrete carcinogens.

  The doctor advised that when the corn is bought back for storage, do not remove the wrapped blade. It is best to use newspapers to wrap the corn and store it in the refrigerator. Avoid placing it on the top, because once the corn gets wet, it is easy to grow mold and produce aspergillus flavusIt may increase the risk of carcinogenesis.

Nutritionists remind corn leaves that it is easy to accumulate pesticides. It is best to remove the outer leaves and wash them thoroughly in clean water.

  Corn should not be stored for a long time, it will easily lose nutrients and moisture.

  Take 3 traditional Chinese medicine corn chopped and chopped, add 600 ml of water to cook together, concentrate to half, can be replenished 3 times a day, it is beneficial for tumor patients with nephritis.

  Corn + potatoes = high starch content between foods means that: corn and potatoes eat a lot of food and absorb too much starch in the body, often eat a large amount, easy to increase weight, increase blood sugar.

  Corn + Cola = Interfering with calcium absorption Explanation: Both corn and cola replace phosphorus, and if they eat together often, excessive phosphorus may interfere with the absorption and storage of calcium in the body.

  The main nutrients of potatoes are protein, carbohydrate, vitamin B1, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium and so on.

  Therapeutic effect The venous substances in potatoes will transform carcinogens into prototype substances to facilitate excretion; phenolic components can inhibit the activation of carcinogens and exert anti-cancer effects; potassium can help the body excrete excess water and shrink blood vessels.Diuretic effect, suitable for edema, cardiovascular and postoperative diarrhea.

  The doctor’s advice potatoes contain a very small amount of toxic substance-solanine, and moderate consumption will not cause harm to the human body; but immature potatoes that have germinated or the skin color turns green, solanine will be higher than normal potatoes5 times, excessive consumption will cause symptoms of poisoning.

  Nutritionists remind fresh potatoes to replace phenols and have a suppressive effect on cancer. Peel and squeeze fresh potatoes for the best effect, but the taste is pleasant.

In addition, potato juice is an excellent antacid and can be used to treat indigestion.

  Take 200 grams of potatoes, 100 grams of tomatoes and 40 grams of mustard. Add some water to cook the soup and add condiments as needed to help increase the appetite of cancer patients.

  Potato + taro between foods = Excessive starch intake Description: Potatoes and taro are both root and tuber foods with high starch content. They are often used in large quantities, and it is easy to overdo it and increase weight.

Diabetes patients who eat both at the same time, which contains too much sugar, will gradually increase.

  Potato + edible vinegar = interference with starch degradation in the body Description: The starch in potatoes meets the acetic acid contained in edible vinegar, which will interfere with the degradation of starch in the body, leaving starch in the stomach to ferment or rot, and large amounts of food will affect health.