[How to make cod for babies]_Recommended diet

[How to make cod for babies]_Recommended diet

People with children in the home will know that cod is very nutritious for children, especially at the beginning, and children are very small. Many foods can cause indigestion in children.

Attentive parents will find that cod meat is rich in nutrients but has only one spine, which is especially suitable for babies.

In the end, how does cod become a baby to love it more?

The following editor recommends an appetizer for babies.


Use the cod section to cut a piece of greens, wash the shiitake mushrooms, and wash the fungus with warm water. Cut the sections, leave a bowl of water to add starch, stir, one egg salt, and oil 2.

Cooking practice 1.

First we have to prepare a piece of cod. The first step is to separate the fish from the fishbone and set it aside.


First serve a bowl of water, add an appropriate amount of starch and mix well, and mix in the fish.


To make cod fish more nutritious, add an egg.


At this time, heat the pan, add the appropriate amount of rapeseed oil, and cook it to about 60 degrees to make the fish cake.


The fish cakes to be added to the oil pan will be fried until golden.


When making cooking techniques, you must not add too much water at one time when the starch is stirred. The fish with too much water will not be fried.

The fire must be well controlled. If it is too long, it will be easy to fry. If the time is too short, the fish will not be cooked. Such fish cannot be eaten by babies.

When stirring, be sure to stir clockwise.

The cod can be eaten as soon as it is cooked. If your baby’s teeth are not very good, you can also put the fish cake in the soup. It is also a good way to cook the fish cake soup.

Cod cakes are not only beautiful and delicious, but also have high nutritional value. They are especially suitable for babies as complementary foods. Baomas can often make them for babies.



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