[Is cephalosporin a cold medicine]_Effect_Efficacy

[Is cephalosporin a cold medicine]_Effect_Efficacy

Cephalosporin is a common anti-inflammatory drug in our lives. In fact, cephalosporins are divided into multiple types, including cephalosporin capsules and cefradine capsules. These different types have different effects, but the most importantAll are anti-inflammatory, which is to eliminate some viruses such as streptococcus in our body. Generally, it is used in colds. Is cephalosporin a cold medicine?

Some colds appear.

She had a runny nose and some fever. She took cefixol for metabolism.

The problem is that this medicine and anti-cold medicine can be taken together.

Hello, the cephalosporin infection you said uses antibiotics, mainly for some clinical symptoms caused by bacterial infections, for treatment, you can take it with other anti-cold medicine, no problem.

Cephalosporin, third-generation cephalosporins, anti-inflammatory drugs, depends on the child’s symptoms and severity.

Mild infection can be calculated with 2 mg per kg. Children can take 1/3 tablets twice a day. The infection is obvious. Can take half a tablet twice a day. Drink plenty of water. Take 3 days to observe the effect.In addition to drug-assisted treatment, you should also pay attention to your diet. Try to eat less or no spicy food, reasonable compensation, strengthen exercise, strengthen your physique, eat appropriate vegetables and fruits, and drink water. It is recommended to wear moreClothes cold medicine is used to treat cold symptoms, such as runny nose, headache, fever and other spore-scattering dispersing tablets are antibiotics, which mainly kill the infected bacteria and are fundamental.

Generally, a simple cold is usually caused by a virus and tends to heal itself. At this time, the use of antibacterial drugs is not effective.

However, if a cold causes an infection in the respiratory tract or other parts, antibacterial drugs are needed, but there is more evidence of infection in the corresponding parts.

Also pay attention to rest and drink plenty of boiling water. In severe cases, intravenous infusion treatment

[Exclusive secrets of baby millet porridge, the practice of distance]_ 小儿 _How to do

[Exclusive secrets of baby millet porridge, the practice of distance]_ 小儿 _How to do

Millet is a very healthy food. Millet can be used to cook porridge alone, or it can be cooked with a lot of miscellaneous grains. Millet is cooked according to different tastes, and the taste is very different, because millet can have richAmino acids, trace amounts and glucose, among which the vitamin content is also very high, so millet can make a lot of food in ordinary times, millet porridge needs to add a small amount of white sugar or table salt in order to achieve the taste.

Ingredients for millet porridge: 200 grams of millet, a small amount of sugar Practice: After the millet is soaked, boil and add sugar to boil. Tips: 1.

To choose fresh millet, not Chenmi, the taste will be much worse.


Add water when the water is about to boil, first boil for 8-10 minutes on high heat, then boil for 15-20 minutes on medium-low heat.


Just stir the pot to prevent the bottom of the paste. When the fire is boiled, try to remove the lid less to prevent the overflow pot from leaving a slit when covering the lid.


Put enough water in the pot, do not add water halfway, the water is generally 15-20 times the ingredients.

Areas with poor water quality can be replaced with bottled water.


Some regions like to add edible alkali to make the rice softer and rot. After boiling for more than half an hour, add a little edible alkali, but the taste of millet porridge with edible alkali will be affected.

(Maternal, infants and young children are not recommended) 6.

When the rice becomes flower-like, it is more delicious.

Soybean millet porridge ingredients: 100 grams of millet, 50 grams of soybeans, 10 grams of white sugar.

Practice: 1.

Mill the millet and soy beans separately, precipitate the millet into the pot, remove the cold water, and mix thoroughly with boiling water; sieve the soybeans to remove the residue.


Add about 1500 milliliters of cold water to the pot, bring to a boil, and add soy milk. After boiling again, pour in millet and slowly cook over low heat.


When rice rotten beans are cooked, add sugar to taste, stir well, and serve.

Ren millet porridge Ingredients: 200g millet and 50g barley kernel Practice: 1.

Prepare 200g millet and 50g barley kernel 2.

Wash the millet and soak it in water for an hour3.

Then the soaked millet and the washed barley seeds are cooked in the pot 4.

Then top up with water 5 at a time.

Bring the water to a boil over medium heat.

Skim Mo 7.

Then use a chopstick to simmer the lid over medium-low heat.

After being boiled, the fire will be extinguished, and it will be fine for a while. Coix seed is a beauty food. Regular food can keep human skin shiny and delicate, and eliminate acne, freckles, age spots, pregnancy spots, butterfly spots.Rough skin has good effects.

[Is the mushroom aphrodisiac]_Flower rot_How effective

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Research and Development Co., Ltd. (603458): Q4 gross margin increased significantly, quarterly performance increased by nearly 80%

Research and Development Co., Ltd. (603458): Q4 gross margin increased significantly, quarterly performance increased by nearly 80%

In 2018, the company’s new contract value was 50.

5.9 billion, an annual decrease of 38.

17%, mainly due to the decrease in engineering contracting by 58.


The company newly signed engineering consulting, and the contract value of engineering contract was 27.

6.2 billion, 22.

97 ppm, an increase of 1 each year.

43%, -58.

32%; newly signed contracts for highway, municipal, construction, water transportation and other industries23.

3.9 billion, 3.

8.6 billion, 23.

1.9 billion, 0.

14 trillion, respectively, short-term changes -68.

68%, 5.

46%, 511.

87%, -33.


The company realized revenue in 201821.

52 ppm, an increase of 11 years.

66%, due to the rapid growth of engineering contracting business.

Highway, municipal, construction, water transportation and other businesses achieved operating income16.

1.9 billion, 2.

9.6 billion yuan, 2.

10,000 yuan, 0.

28 ppm, each increase by 0.

17%, 33.

5%, 184.

98%, 150.

41%, the growth of various business sectors, including municipal and construction business grew rapidly; engineering contracting, engineering consulting business respectively achieved income4.

3.4 billion, 17.

100,000 yuan, an annual increase of 27.

93%, 8.


The company achieved a comprehensive gross profit margin of 39 in 2018.

70%, falling by 1 every year.

31%, mainly due to 杭州夜网论坛 the increase in the proportion of EPC revenue with low gross profit margin.

The gross profit margins for highway, municipal, construction, water transportation and other businesses were 42.

17%, 41.14%, 17.

03%, 30.

88%, with a change of 0 respectively.

51%, 8.

76%, 11.

88%, -8.

56%; gross profit margins for engineering contracting and engineering consulting are 9.

9%, 47.

04%, respectively -3.

63%, 0.

At 34%, the gross profit margin for engineering contracting declined, and the gross profit margin for engineering consulting increased.

Expenses of the company during 201811.

0%, down by 1 every year.

21%, of which the management fee rate drops by 0 every year.

65%, mainly due to the relatively rigid management costs due to revenue growth; financial expenses fell by 0.

60%, mainly due to the decrease in borrowing principal.

The company’s asset impairment loss in 2018 was 1.

53 trillion, accounting for 7.

12%, a decline of 0 per year.

27%; net operating cash flow is -0.

90 yuan, reduced by 1 every year.

50 yuan / share, mainly due to the increase in the project deposit paid in the current period.

Earnings forecast and rating: We have lowered our earnings forecast for the company and expect the EPS for 2019-2021 to be 3.

72 yuan, 4.

72 yuan, 6.

15 yuan, the corresponding PE on April 4 closing price is 9.

9 times, 7.

8 times, 6.

0 times, maintaining the level of “prudent overweight”.

Risk reminder: Macroeconomic downside risks, orders falling on hand are less than expected, business development outside the province is less than expected, construction project progress is slow, and gross margin continues to decline

TCL Group (000100): Focus on core industries, small-sized capacity growth exceeds expectations

TCL Group (000100): Focus on core industries, small-sized capacity growth exceeds expectations

Event: The company released its semi-annual report. In 2019H1, TCL Group plans to test the caliber to achieve operating income of 26.1 billion yuan, an increase of 23% year-on-year.

9%, achieving a net profit of 26.

400 million, year on year.


Stripping the terminal and supporting businesses, focusing on the semiconductor display industry, and significantly improving operating efficiency.

After the reconstruction is completed, the company will focus on the company ‘s core semiconductor display industry by stripping its terminal business, streamlining its business structure, and effectively controlling costs and increasing efficiency.

The establishment of the company will extend other electronic information cores and basic industries through industrial finance and venture capital business, and lay out the technical applications related to the main industry to deepen the industrial depth.

The reorganization will help the company to diversify and truly obtain the core profit momentum of sustainable development.

Panel prices are expected to rebound near the bottom. Emerging applications and country shifts in semiconductor display are trying to promote industry concentration.

TCL Huaxing (Huaxing Optoelectronics) 2019H1 expanded area of 9.61 million square meters, 9 years.

8%, realized revenue of 162.

80,000 yuan, an increase of 33 in ten years.

5%; net profit 10.

200 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 7.

8%, mainly due to the continuous decline in panel prices.

However, we believe that the current panel price is near the bottom, and the inventory cycle in the third quarter pushed the price to rebound in the short-term.

In the medium to long term, emerging applications such as large-size TVs and commercial displays are emerging. At the same time, due to the domestic substitution of raw material procurement and the trend of concentrated panel production to the mainland, the overall oversupply has eased and prices have risen.

The production capacity of small-size production lines has exceeded expectations, and the advent of small-screen applications is expected to improve performance elasticity.

Rapid release of production capacity: As the production lines are successively put into operation, it is expected that the area of large-scale production capacity will reach CAGR17% and that of small-size is expected to reach CAGR26% in the next five years.

The t1 and t2 production lines maintained full production and sales, and the t6 production capacity increased rapidly, covering an area of 894 in 2019H1.

170,000 square meters,

9%, the budget volume is 19.45 million, and the sales income is 91.

90,000 yuan, YYY-15.


The small-sized panel has been rapidly ramped up to achieve an unexpected growth: the design capacity of t3 has been increased from 45K / month to 50K / month, and it is the world’s largest LTPS plant with single unit capacity.

80,000 square meters, an annual increase of 4.

58 times, realized sales income of 70.

9 trillion, more than four times a year.

t4 flexible AMOLED production capacity, yield quickly climbed, Q4 is expected to achieve mass production.

The technological advantages are reflected in continuous research and development to seize future high ground.

TCL Huaxing’s LTPS-LCD product has the second largest market share in the world, and the yield has climbed to the t4 production line, and competition has also increased rapidly.

At the same time, the advantages of HVA in the high-end market have been used, and its market share has ranked first in the country for five consecutive years. It has also entered the sequence of high-end product suppliers such as Samsung and Sony.

As the company continues to deploy 4K / 8K products, it will accelerate Mini-Led in TFT applications and gradually increase the competitiveness of high-end products.

In the field of small and medium-sized screens, the company’s COF narrow bezels and under-screen fingerprints have advanced in many fields. Kai Tie accounts for more than 80% of the top six global brand mobile phone manufacturers.

At the same time, continue to develop products such as flexible cameras under the screen, folding screens, etc., and actively lay out new types of new display technologies and materials such as flexible printing display technology and Micro Led, accumulating first-mover advantages in the process of updating alternative technologies.

The chairman repurchases a large amount and is optimistic about the long-term development of the company.

In the first half of the year, the company began to implement a 1.5-2 billion share repurchase program, and has now completed 15.

600 million shares were repurchased, and the remaining repurchases were subsequently completed based on market conditions.
Since December 20杭州夜网论坛18, the chairman has increased its holdings by nearly 1.
With 700 million shares, we are optimistic about the long-term development of the company.

Investment suggestion: We expect the company’s total pro forma revenue from 2019-2021 to be: 519.

200 million, 575.

900 million, 671.

9 billion, net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company were: 40.

0 billion, 43.

500 million and 47.

300 million.

Focusing on the company’s core business focus, Huaxing Optoelectronics became the main core asset of the listed platform after the reorganization.

Benefiting from the increase in domestic concentration of the panel industry and the future price rebound trend, the company’s own domestic raw material substitution for purchasing raw materials and technological innovation have reduced costs, and Huaxing Optoelectronics’ performance has promoted rapid growth.

Based on this, 1 is assigned.

5 times PB, calculated according to the estimated net assets of Huaxing Optoelectronics after the reorganization of 385 trillion, with a target total market value of 577.

500 million with a target price of 4.

28 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risks suggest that the Sino-US trade dispute is becoming more global, the global economy is weak, TV sales continue to slump, and panel positions are shifting; panel price instability and the unpredictability of panel price recovery periods; technology R & D businesses are less than expected, systemic risks.

Three suggestions for maintaining a close relationship

Three suggestions for maintaining a close relationship

We all know that love is not easy.

People are often blinded by the frustrations and suspicions caused by compromise, so they no longer appreciate each other.

All these are blamed on the deep feelings brought by our relationship.

When we are in love, we are passionate; when we are passionate, we are passionate.

However, those flames are always out of control (for ourselves and the other half).

However, we are not willing to experience it in other ways. Love is the noble goal of our lives.

  Human beings are the products of society. We love people, and our hearts bloom. When the person we love is around, especially when there is someone special.

Crouching on the sofa with him, feeling that he is surrounded by your waist, holding his head close to his chest, and feeling happy.

It feels good, like drugs, and addictive.

  However, all these amazingly addictive things can only make love magical and not simple.

You are still two souls, two bodies, two minds.

Everyone has their own opinions, plans, and views on the world.

When we find a simple way to cause deformation (and strive to keep it that way), we become the happiest people in the world.

  So, how do we make breakthroughs work?

A lot of research has made various suggestions on how to make good love.

I think it can be summarized as the following three points: mutual talk.

Communicate, listen, and open your heart, don’t be subjective.

  As long as you keep telling, you’ll figure it out. This doesn’t mean you have to face everything. By sharing things that are important to you, the two parties are likely to be happy and compromise when necessary.

  Be healthy, communicate often, and stay passionate.

  Recalling the first few dates that made you fall in love with each other, the scene was recreated.

Even better, there are dating nights every week.

Be fun and adventurous, show your lovers how much you love him, and let him do the same.

  Support your dreams and goals, no matter what you think.

  That is their dream and goal, not yours.

That’s why they chase dreams, goals, and not follow you.

Therefore, do your best to encourage them, inspire them, and keep going with them.

There is nothing better than watching your lovers accomplish something that they tirelessly pursue, achieving happiness, being proud of them, and celebrating their achievements.

  If you do these three things, you will find that making good love is easier to overcome than you think. Open up to each other, maintain communication, and support each other. You treat him as you want him to treat you.

Trust me, you will have a deeper and more satisfying love.

Can a baby wear diapers?

Can a baby wear diapers?

Too many parents are worried that babies wearing diapers will have an adverse effect on the future. Experts say that wearing diapers correctly will not cause infertility in the future, and parents can rest assured.

  1. After using cloth diapers or paper diapers, the temperature in the scrotum will be increased, but there is no evidence that the use of diapers is related to male infertility.

Male infertility is a multifactorial disease that involves many causes, such as genetics, development, environment, and nutrition.

  The static medicine can still maintain 1 under the temperature condition in the abdominal cavity.
Two years without causing changes in infertility, the experimental results show that the average scrotal temperature when using diapers is 35.

7 ℃?

4 ° C, and the average temperature in the intrinsic abdominal cavity was 37 ° C.

  2. The temperature change caused by the correct use of diapers will not adversely affect the reproductive health of adolescence.

According to the corresponding basic principles of biology, sperm have not formed in the scrotum during infants and young children, and only spermatogonia formed in gradual stages exist.

These spermatogonia develop in the mother’s abdominal cavity at a temperature of about 37 months before the baby is born, while sperm development in men occurs during adolescence.

  During puberty, the development of the hypothalamus pituitary develops, stimulating the testicular gonads to begin secreting sex hormones, so that the spermatogonia in the vas deferens divide into spermatocytes, then into sperm cells, and eventually sperm cells divide into sperm.

    Therefore, sperm formation has not yet occurred in the scrotum when a baby uses diapers. Then, the seminiferous seminiferous tubules in the continuous and infantile anal pills are solid thin tubes without spermatogenesis and maturation.

Therefore, wearing baby diapers does not cause infertility in adulthood.

Are people over 50 years old prone to stroke?

Are people over 50 years old prone to stroke?

Among the sleep time, the sleep time with the lowest mortality is about 7 hours.

After investigating more than 90,000 women aged 50-79 years for 7 and a half years, researchers in the United States found that people who sleep more than 9 hours a day have a 70% greater risk of stroke than people who sleep 7 hours, and sleep timeIt is an independent factor of overall stroke risk.

  According to relevant experts, there is also a study that shows that sleeping too long may also induce diabetes. The investigation found that people who sleep 7-8 hours a day are the healthiest.

  Everyone knows that people who sleep too little can get sick, but many people don’t know that it’s not good to sleep too much.

According to a recent report, researchers in the United States have found that women over the age of 50 sleep at 9 hours a day for increased stroke risk.

It is understood that if you sleep too much, the consequences of fatigue will not be eliminated, and health and intelligence will be affected.

Among the sleep time, the sleep time with the lowest mortality is about 7 hours.

  Risk 1: Stroke and Diabetes. US researchers have investigated more than 90,000 women aged 50-79 years after a 7-and-a-half year study and found that people who sleep more than 9 hours a day have a higher stroke risk than those who sleep 7 hours.A 70% increase in sleep time is an independent factor in increasing stroke risk.

Experts from Nanjing Brain Hospital said that the blood viscosity of the elderly is relatively high. If they sleep too long, it will lead to an increase in blood viscosity, and an increase in blood viscosity will easily cause cerebrovascular diseases such as stroke.

  According to relevant experts, there is also a study that shows that sleeping too long may also induce diabetes. The investigation found that people who sleep 7-8 hours a day are the healthiest.

If you sleep less than 6 hours, your risk of developing diabetes will increase about 2 times. If you sleep longer than 8 hours, your risk of developing diabetes may increase more than 3 times.

  Investigations have shown that sleeping less than 6 hours a day can harm a person’s health.

At the same time, sleeping longer than 9 hours can also harm your health.

In the sleep time survey, the lowest sleep time for death was about 7 hours.

People who sleep less than 4 hours or more than 10 hours a day, whether male or female, have relatively high death rates.

  Risk 2: Respiratory, Heart and Digestive Diseases Xiao Li is a school teacher and likes to sleep late. She often sleeps for more than 10 hours during the summer vacation.

He found that his body was still relatively poor, and he often caught a cold.

The doctor helped him analyze that his frequent colds may be related to his habit of sleeping.

  Experts say that the morning air in the bedroom is the most filthy. Even when the windows are covered up, some air is still not circulating. The dirty air contains a large amount of bacteria, viruses, carbon dioxide and dust, which has an impact on the respiratory disease resistance.

For those who sleep behind closed doors for long periods of time, they usually have less exercise, plus the dirty air in the bedroom, they are prone to colds and coughs.

  When people move, the heartbeat speeds up, the myocardial contractility increases, and the heart’s blood output increases.

When a person is resting, the heart is at rest, and the heartbeat, contractility, and blood output decrease.

If you sleep too much, you will break the rules of heart rest and exercise. The heart will rest and break, and eventually the heart will contract and become weak. With a little activity, it will have different heartbeats and flustered.

In addition, if you sleep too much, you will not be able to eat on time, and repeated dry peristalsis will disrupt the secretion of gastric juice and affect digestive function.

  Risk 3: The more you sleep, the more lazy you are. “Sleeping for 10 hours a night, why is it sluggish during the day?”

“Chen, who works at a company, couldn’t figure out. Before, he used to repeat that he slept so little that he felt dizzy.

However, I increased my sleep time every day, and still lost energy. I had a slow response at work and was scolded many times by my boss.

  Experts explain that most people think that if you are tired, you should sleep more.

In fact, the idea of gaining health by increasing sleep time is completely wrong.

People who sleep too long will become lazy, weak, and even lose their intelligence.

  After an overnight rest, muscles and joints will become loose. Immediately after waking, the muscles and joints will be reset to increase muscle tension. It will also increase the blood supply to the muscles and keep the bones and muscle tissues in a repair state. At the same time, the metabolic products accumulated in the muscles at night will be eliminated, It is conducive to the recovery of exercise state of muscle tissue.

  People who often sleep lazy, because the muscle tissue misses the opportunity to move, will feel soft after getting up, lumbosacral discomfort, and weakness throughout the body.

The sleep center of a person who is lazy has been in a state of excitement for a long time, and the other nerve centers are relatively slow to resume their functions because they are inhibited for a long time, so they will feel dull, listless, and even mentally diminished.

  6-8 hours: healthy sleep time So how long does it take to sleep every day to benefit your health?

Experts believe that for adults, 6-8 hours is the standard sleep time they need. Older people can reduce this standard by another 1-2 hours, and adolescents can increase 1-2 hours.

For infants and young children, it takes longer to sleep.

  Of course, how much sleep time is most healthy depends on your own situation.

The criteria for judging your healthy sleep time should be based on the fact that you do not feel tired the next day, and feel full of fever.

7 kinds of food that sweeps the garbage in the body

7 kinds of food that sweeps the garbage in the body



Apparent Carotene Foods Modern people’s living environment is polluted by the chemical industry and automobile pollution, and absorbs harmful toxins through the body. When these toxic substances enter the food, they can generate free radicals.

Free radicals are atoms or molecules that have active electrons.

Free radicals attack proteins, nucleic acids and tiny, causing them to be injured or deformed, leading to cancer, cell aging, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, stroke and more.

According to research, foods rich in carrots and vegetarians can eliminate free radicals in the human body.

Carotene-rich foods include seaweed, melon, melon, carrot, mandarin, sweet potato, persimmon, papaya, kale, orange, liver, milk, egg yolk, fish, etc.


Coarse coarse grains mainly refer to corn, millet, oats, and other cereals.

Regular consumption of sweet potatoes, potatoes, corn, buckwheat and other coarse grains helps to keep the stool smooth, so that the poison in the body will not stay for a long time.

The whole grain contains many kinds of fine rice and minerals that are usually eaten by white rice.

These nutrients help regulate the internal environment of the gastrointestinal tract, and absorb and improve the immune function of the disease.


Fresh green vegetables Fresh green vegetables are alkaline, which can neutralize excessive amounts of acidic substances in sugar, meat, eggs and metabolism in the diet, so that the body fluids remain weakly alkaline, thus removing toxic substances in the blood.

Regular vegetables can be radish leaves, green vegetables, rape leaves, spinach, kale, Chinese cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, cabbage and so on.


Pig blood and pig blood play an important role in human disease prevention and health care. The protein contained in pig blood is much higher than pork and egg. The pig blood also contains 18 kinds of amino acids and contains iron, potassium, cobalt, calcium, phosphorus and copper., zinc and other essential trace elements.

The above nutrients and trace elements in pig blood play an important role in improving human health and improving the body’s metabolism.


The kelp kelp has an affinity for the resonance material; the kelp gel can cause the reverse substance in the body to be discharged into the human body along with the stool, thereby reducing the accumulation of radioactive substances in the human body and reducing the incidence of radioactive diseases.

The kelp itself has a high iodine content, and the goiter caused by iodine deficiency is effective in the treatment of cretin and its role in preventing leukemia and gastric cancer.


菌类经常食用黑木耳,银耳,金针菇,凤尾菇,猴头菇,香菇等,这些降低硒的菌类,可降血压,降胆固醇,防止血管硬化,提高机体免疫功能,增加体内免疫球蛋 白The level of excitement of bone marrow hematopoietic function, and has a role in the smoothing, blood, detoxification, and wisdom.

At the same time, it is active in digestion and successfully breaks down what is left undigested.

This will help with the initial removal, as well as the role of promoting digestive enzymes, detoxification or transporting substances.


There are many detoxifying factors in green tea green tea, which are easy to combine with toxic substances in the blood and accelerate the discharge from the urine.

Drinking green tea can also prevent cancer and reduce blood fat.

Drinking green tea by smokers can reduce the damage of nicotine.


Five medicinal recipes that can treat diabetes

Five medicinal recipes that can treat diabetes

The main symptoms of diabetes are thirst and drink more, eat more and lose weight, polyuria or cloudy urine.

The combination of medicine and medicated diet can achieve satisfactory results. Steamed tea catfish, bamboo shoots porridge, earthen porridge pork bone soup, spinach root porridge, yam stewed pork belly are all medicated diet suitable for people with diabetes.

  Medicinal diet for treating diabetes, steamed tea catfish efficacy: tonic, relieve annoyance and thirst, apply to diabetic thirst, drink more than just and fever and Yin.

  Ingredients: 500 g catfish, moderate amount of green tea.

  Production: Remove the gills, viscera, and wash the catfish. Fill the abdomen with green tea, put it in a dish, steam it in a steamer, and cook it thoroughly.

  How to take: Eat 1 time a day, and eat light fish.

  Efficacy of medicinal diet bamboo shoots and rice porridge for the treatment of diabetes: it can clear heat, relieve lungs, and dampen dampness. It is suitable for people with diabetes, but also for Jiujia, Jiuji, prolapse of the anus.

  Ingredients: 1 fresh bamboo shoot, 100 grams of rice.

  Production: Peel and slice fresh bamboo shoots and cook with rice.

  Usage: Take 2 times daily.

  Fangtu Fuling Pig Bone Decoction for Medicinal Diet for Diabetes Efficacy: Strengthening spleen, replenishing water and dampness, tonifying yin and marrow.

  Ingredients: 500 grams of pork spine, 50 grams of Poria
100 g.

  Production: Boil the pork spine into 3 bowls with appropriate amount of water, remove bones and oil slicks, pour Poria in the soil, and fry to 2 bowls to serve.

  Usage: Take once daily.

  The efficacy of spinach root porridge for medicinal diet for treating diabetes: benefit the five internal organs, quench thirst and intestines.

  Ingredients: 250 grams of fresh spinach root, 10 grams of chicken internal gold, rice amount.

  Production: Wash the spinach roots, chop them, and fry them with the chicken’s gold for an additional half an hour, then add the washed rice and cook them into porridge.

  Usage: Day service, once a day.

  Medicinal diet for treating diabetes. Yam stewed pork belly effect: nourish lungs and kidneys, suitable for thirst and polyuria.

  Ingredients: pork belly, yam each amount.

  Production: Cook pork belly first, then yam and simmer until rotten, season with salt.

  Usage: Take on an empty stomach, once daily.