[How to make scallion buns]_ main ingredients _ production steps

[How to make scallion buns]_ main ingredients _ production steps

Shallot is a vegetable with high nutritional value, especially in the pastoral area. Shallot is a good condiment. The buns with scallions are very fresh and the method is relatively simple.The pork can be made, and the flour must be fermented in advance when making scallion buns. Let’s take a look at the specific methods of scallion buns. Let’s take a look at this.

The main ingredients of the scallion buns are: 200g scallion, 200g pork. Auxiliary materials: oil, salt, pepper powder, soy sauce, chicken essence.

Cut the lean meat into small pieces 2.

Cut the fat into small pieces and fry into a pan 3.

Fried oil residue 4.

Finely chop the shallots and break up the lean meat with a blender 5.

Add chopped oil residue and have 6.

Add salt, pepper powder and soy sauce to the filling.

Roll out the noodles into small bags and put them into fillings 8.

Initially, prepare a steamed bun, cover it with a wet cloth for 25 minutes, and then steam it into the pot for 25 minutes. First, make 500g1 of scallion. First, soak the scallion in water for 10 minutes.

Cut diced mutton 2, control the water onion, cut into small pieces of about 5 mm, add the cut diced mutton, salt, chicken essence, pepper powder, dried ginger powder, oil consumption, soy sauce, stir the spices thoroughly, and thenStir it every few minutes for better absorption of the seasoning in the lamb.

3, pour the yeast powder into warm water and melt it slowly into the flour, while holding it up, smooth the surface and put it in a pot, cover it with plastic wrap, and ferment in a place with high temperature 4.After 20 minutes, peel the dough into a honeycomb shape. Sprinkle the flour on the panel, place the dough on the panel, and gently knead the thick strips of a small rolling pin. Use a knife to cut into a person’s solution.The noodle stick rolls the medicine out and wraps it in the mixed stuffing.

After the water is boiled, steam the buns for 15 minutes.

5, the delicious just came out of the pot. The onion flower is small, but the slightly pink flower is a good seasoning for herders.

People pick spring onions, salt them or dry them, and put a handful of spring onions in the pot when cooking soup and meat, then the soup will overflow with fragrance.

Shallot is rich in nutrients and contains many vitamins needed by the human body. Besides, it grows on desert grasslands without any pollution, so it is an excellent natural green food.

[How to stir-fried konjac with chili peppers]_Home cooking method of fried konjac with chopped peppers

[How to stir-fried konjac with chili peppers]_Home cooking method of fried konjac with chopped peppers

Learn to cook some common home-cooked dishes by yourself and cook at home. This will warm up the family and even be busy. We better cook at home often. We can make some simple dishes.It is very simple, even if the cooking skills are poor, there is no need to worry about learning.

1. Prepare the ingredients and wash them for later use!

2. Chopped peppers are ready for use!

3, konjac slices 4, put water in the pot and cook with konjac!

(Konjac simmering water is to remove the numbness in konjac) 5. Filter out after boiling.

6, then put it in cold water and wash it to dry it!

7, hot pan with cold oil, wait until the oil is burned to Qicheng hot, put the peppers and garlic and stir fry together!

8. Let the konjac stir fry again!

If the pot is too dry, you can sprinkle some water!

9, then add salt, chicken essence, spring onions and stir fry!

10, put the pan on the plate!

This is a recipe that every family woman must know. Do you know how to chop peppers and stir-fry konjac?

You can also consult the Internet for other healthy recipes to be an all-around and excellent housewife.

[How to make braised flat fish?Teach you detailed steps]

寰堝浜哄張闀挎湡娑堝寲涓嶈壇鐨勯棶棰橈紝瑙e喅璇ラ棶棰樺彲浠ラ€氳繃楗锛屾瘮濡傜孩鐑у钩楸艰繖閬撹彍灏辨湁淇冭繘娑堝寲鐨勫姛鏁堬紝鍙﹀锛岃繕鏈夊緢澶氫汉鏈夋皵琛€涓嶈冻鐨勬儏鍐碉紝缁忓父鏈夊€︽€犱箯鍔涚殑鐥囩姸锛岄娆蹭篃鏄庢樉涓嬮檷锛屾帹鑽愯繖浜涗汉鍙互鍚冪孩鐑у钩楸艰繖閬撶編椋燂紝杩欓亾缇庨鐨勫叿浣撳仛娉曞涓嬨€?涓€銆佺畝浠?绾 ㈢ 劳 點 ran to advancing: acres of acres and pans and pans and pans and pans and pans and pans and pans and pans and pans and pans and pans and pans and pans and pans and pans and pans and pans and pans and pans and pans and pans and pans and pans and pans and weaves together?浜屻€佹潗鏂?骞抽奔锛岃懕锛屽锛岀孩杈f锛岃挏锛屾鐗╂补锛岀櫧閰掞紝鐢熸娊锛岄唻锛岀硸 涓夈€佸仛娉?1銆佸湪骞抽奔楸艰吂涓婂垏鍒€锛屾帍鍑哄唴鑴忥紝娲楀噣榛戣啘锛涙妸濮溿€佽荆妞掋€佽懕鍒囦笣锛?銆佸湪骞抽奔韬笂鍒掓枩鍒€锛岃韩涓婂潎鍖€鎶逛笂灏戣鐩愶紱3銆佽捣娌归攨锛屾斁涓ょ摚钂滐紝鐒跺悗鏀惧Do you want to go? Do you want to do it? Do you want to do it? Do you know how to do it? Do you know how to do it? Do you know how to do it? Do you know how to do it?璋冨懗鍖欙級鍜岄唻锛岀劧鍚庡姞鐢熸娊銆佸姞灏戦噺寮€姘达紝鏀句笂濮滀笣鍜屾涓濓紱5銆佺洊涓婇攨鐩栫剸涓冦€佸叓鍒嗛挓锛屾湡闂磋缁欓奔缈昏韩锛屾眮鏀跺緱宸笉澶氭椂锛屾妸骞抽奔鏀剧涓婏紝楸艰韩涓婇摵涓婅懕涓濓紝鎶婇攨閲岀殑鐑眮娴囧湪涓婇潰銆傚洓銆佸皬璇€绐?1銆佺厧楸煎墠鍦ㄩ奔韬笂鎶瑰皯璁哥洂锛屾湁鍔╀簬淇濇寔楸肩殑澶栬瀹屾暣锛岃繕鏈夋补涓嶈寮€澶ぇ锛岀敤涓嶆簿閿呮潵鐓庢瘮杈冨ソ锛?銆佷笉鑳藉悆杈g殑鍙互鏈€鍚庢斁妞掍笣鐐圭紑鎴栦笉鏀炬涓濓紱3銆佺櫧閰掓垜鐢ㄧ殑鏄簩閿呭ご锛岀Suddenly die out of the world?

Northern Huachuang (002371): Revenue maintains rapid growth and net profit attributable to mother is slightly lower than expected

Northern Huachuang (002371): Revenue maintains rapid growth and net profit attributable to mother is slightly lower than expected

Event: North China Huachuang released the 2018 performance report, reporting that the two companies achieved operating income33.

200 million yuan, an increase of 49 over the same period last year.

36%; expected net profit attributable to mother 2.

3.1 billion, an increase of 84 in ten years.


The net profit attributable to mothers falls in the Air Force’s Third Quarterly Guideline 2.


Within the 7.6 billion range.

Opinion: Revenue has maintained a rapid growth trend, and long-term return to net profit is slightly lower than expected.

In terms of business segments, the main business income of electronic process equipment was 25.

170,000 yuan, an increase of 75 over the same period last year.

42%; main business income of electronic components7.

88 ppm, an increase of 3 over the same period last year.

twenty three%.

Driven by the downstream photovoltaic / semiconductor industry, it shows that revenue has grown significantly.

Operating profit for 2018 was 3.

320,000 yuan, an increase of 68 over 2017.

90%, the first is that while the company’s revenue has increased, costs and expenses have been effectively controlled, so the company’s operating profit has increased from the previous year.

The company realized net profit 杭州夜网 attributable to mother 2.

31 trillion, slightly lower than market consensus2.


As a leading company in conventional semiconductor equipment, the company ranks first in terms of technology accumulation and market influence. The company’s core growth logic will strive for verification one by one in the next few years.

The company grasps the growth dividend under the two major trends of advanced process technology reorganization and industrial transfer.

In terms of advanced process technology reorganization, according to the statistics of applied materials: NAND shifted from planar technology to 3D, the intensity of capital investment increased by 60%; DRAM shifted from 25nm to 14 / 16nm, the intensity of capital occupation increased by 40%; foundryMoving from 28nm to 7nm increases the intensity of capital occupation by 100%.

Similarly, AMAT believes that during 南京龙凤网 this round of technology alternation, the types of equipment that are growing at a faster rate include etching / ALD.

From the perspective of technical lines, Northern Huachuang has grasped the most core grasping hands, which is in line with the development route of advanced process technology.

The shift in industry trends made in China has not changed, and capital expenditures for domestic wafer fab construction are independent of the rise and fall of the global downstream boom.

Under the expectation that the global semiconductor will face a downward revision, we remind investors to pay attention to structural changes in demand.

We see that the company has benefited from domestic alternative logic for downstream capital expansion in the pan-semiconductor field, and the equipment growth logic for domestic wafer lines is independent of the global semiconductor industry cycle. Therefore, we continue to be optimistic about the company’s short-, medium- and long-term growth momentum in the semiconductor sector.

In 2019, we expect that SMIC / Huali Micro / Changjiang Storage / Hefei Ruili and other advanced process production lines will be put into production one after another. Northern Huachuang’s orders in the field of integrated circuit equipment will continue to increase.

We are outstanding. North China Huachuang is the first choice for the equipment industry with the most flexibility in this semiconductor marginal change. In the long term, it is expected to accompany the rise of domestic wafer lines in the long run.Orders, adjust the company’s EPS for 2018-2020 from 0.

56, 0.

92, 1.

42 yuan / share to 0.


76, 1.

29 yuan / share.

Risk warning: The company’s orders are less than expected, and the domestic wafer fab construction exceeds expectations.

Depth-Company-Zhongshun Jierou (002511): Outstanding performance of both product and channel optimization

Depth * Company 北京桑拿洗浴保健 * Zhongshun Jierou (002511): Outstanding performance in both product and channel optimization

The company released the 2019 first quarter report: the report merged and the company achieved revenue of 15.

40,000 yuan, an increase of 25 in ten years.

8%, net profit attributable to mother 1.

20,000 yuan, an annual increase of 25.

2%, deducted non-net profit 1

20,000 yuan, an increase of 33 in ten years.


Key points of support level Product structure optimization is proceeding steadily.

According to the number of reports, for every + 30% of the company ‘s non-roll paper business, high gross profit products such as face / lotion / natural wood have increased by more than 45% / 100% / 25%, a total increase of about 40%, accounting for over 65%, helping the companyThe average ex-factory price increased slightly.

The company has always been focusing on research and development of heavy products, and continued to improve the product matrix. Following the introduction of the new high-end cotton white cotton card holders in July 18, this year Q2 plans to launch new products to enter the personal care market, which is conducive to continuous optimization of product structure.

Channel optimization and development went smoothly.

After 17 to 18 years of key channel optimization and optimization, the company’s channel quality has improved significantly. In 19Q1, GT / KA channel revenue increased by about 12% / 30%, with 65 new dealers covering 1,804 counties and cities (+13).

In addition, the company increased its investment in e-commerce platforms such as Tmall, JD.com, Taobao, Vipshop, Pinduoduo, etc., and found that the development of commercial sales channels helped EC / AFH channel revenues increase by over 50%.

In the future, the company will focus on strengthening channel control, re-launching high-margin products, and helping to continue to increase profits.

The decline in pulp prices is positive for the improvement in profitability.

1Q1 company gross margin was 34.

01%, at least -4.

83%, +3 from the previous quarter.

05%, net interest rate is 8.

01%, Decade -0.

04%, +2 from the previous quarter.

11%, the main reasons are: 1) the raw material pulp board accounts for 50% -60% of the company’s cost, the outer price of coniferous pulp and broadleaf pulp has been at a historical high since December 17th, the highest reached US $ 920 per ton, US $ 850/ Ton, although not from December 18, pulp price has entered a downward channel, which is about 20% lower than the highest price, but the company usually reserves 3-6 months of stock pulp, and the financial use of reducing the average cost settlement, so 19Q1 pulpThe price cost is higher than 18Q1 and lower than 18Q4, and it is expected to continue to improve on a month-on-month basis; 2) The company’s pulp is imported from overseas and is mainly settled in U.S. dollars. The RMB exchange rate began to appreciate in December last year, helping to increase the profitability month-on-month;Still strong, sales expenses decreased and expense ratio decreased by -3.

73%, the financial expense ratio is 8.

3 million corporate debt repayment needs, -0 per year.

84%, the management expenses are amortized by more than 6 million equity incentive expenses, +18 per year.

4%, the expense rate is -0 for ten years.

23%, short-term R & D expense ratio -0.

63%, the final period expense rate growth rate -5.

44% to 23.


It is estimated that the company’s product structure optimization and channel expansion are progressing steadily. The decline in pulp prices and the appreciation of the RMB release the performance flexibility. We expect the company’s EPS in 2019-2021 to be 0.



58 yuan (previous forecast was 0.


53 / -yuan), an annual increase of 24.

5% / 22.
5% / 21.
1%, the current budget corresponds to 19 years of PE27X, maintain BUY rating.

The main risks faced by the rating are that the price of pulp has exceeded expectations; the overcapacity in the tissue industry has intensified; the promotion of new products has not met expectations.

Look at post-80s beauty skin care tips


Look at post-80s beauty skin care tips

Although the post-80s generation still sounds very young, but post-90s MMs in the forum are still posting maintenance posts, which makes post-80s MMs suddenly feel that they are really “old”, and maintenance is not enough.

  Don’t look at these little girls who are only in their 20s. The maintenance methods are all set. They are both absolutely fashionable and absolutely popular skin care methods. Compared with those children in the post-90s generation, the post-80s MM skin care methods areMore mature and practical.

  MM Skin Care Experience in 1981: Advocating cheap and practical domestic products. MM Skin Care Experience in 1981: It is recommended that JMS not follow the trend blindly. It must be carefully selected to be suitable for itself in order to achieve satisfactory results.

  Exclusive Secret: Chinese products are bigger than the sky. Special recommendation: Gelera Cucumber Whitening Cleansing Foam: It has a slight cucumber flavor, and my face has been washed and whitened by all means, 6.

8 yuan 200ml, cost-effective Biotherm Detox Whitening Mask: The essence is sufficient, the taste is very fresh, and the residue is left. In the morning, the skin is soft and tender, and the beauty gold children’s honey is very good, especially moisturizing, the taste is also good, and the skin is sensitiveWhen used.

  82 years of MM skin care experience: step by step MM skin care declaration 82 years: make skin care as a part of daily life, one step should not fall, this is responsible for your own face, of course, the most important thing is to eat well, drink well, exercise well.
  Exclusive secrets: One step is unnecessary. Special recommendation: Every morning: Cleansing Essence-Water Water-Moisturizing Eye Cream. Every night: Cleansing-Essence-Night Cream-Eye Cream. Clean and nourish every week: Besga Green Clay, TBS Oat / Blue Corn, Orange Jelly Mask.

  MM Skin Care Experience in 1983: Dare to try the right medicine. 83 MM Skin Care Declaration: I generally do not have integrated cosmetics.

I often dive in forums to see what JMS says is good, try it, and slowly find the one that suits you.

  Exclusive Secret Tips: A variety of attempts and special recommendations: War acne articles: external application-5 bottles of An’an Acne Water, erythromycin ointment for internal use-Chinese medicine conditioning skin care articles: Magnolia oil (not easy to use)-Herborist (cleansing,Eye cream, mask is good)-Dr. Lee (general effect)-Estee Lauder eye cream (recommended) 84 years of MM skin care experience: cheap big names only choose the right 84 years of MM skin care declaration: from parity to big names, good DD can not let go.

As long as it is suitable for you, you should try it, and do not judge the quality of skin care products according to the price.

  Exclusive secret: always choose the right parity-Pond’s moisturizing: lotion for spring and autumn, cream for winter, for students who do not have a lot of mm and Mi Mi, very good sunscreen: orange, a large bottle, mile-shapedIt ‘s especially cool on the skin-Clinique Paste: It will be absorbed quickly after being applied. Lancome facial cleanser: The taste is very good and the moisturizing effect is good.

  85-year-old MM skincare experience: Perfect combination of internal and external skincare. 85-year-old MM skincare declaration: Wanting good skin is not a day or two thing. It requires long-term conditioning. You only need to use skincare products, but you also need to pay attention to the inner secret.Internal adjustment secret recipe to remove acne: cold fragrance rose + roselle + peach blossom = freckle removing acne moisturizing freckle: violet + lavender + chamomile = moisturizing skin wrinkle freckle whitening: rose + mint + chamomile = whitening and slimming

Medlar Leaf Chicken Liver Decoction

Medlar Leaf Chicken Liver Decoction

“The leaves are plucked in the spring and are called tench.

The flowers are picked in summer and are called primroses.

It is harvested in autumn and is called wolfberry.

In winter, pick the root bark, also known as the fairy rod.

Taken in four seasons, can live with heaven and earth.

“It is a song about wolfberry. Among them, Tenjin grass is actually more commonly called wolfberry leaf or wolfberry vegetable.

Eat more Chinese wolfberry leaves in the spring can receive liver nourishing qi, good results for savvy purposes.

This wolfberry leaf roll soup is introduced today. Chicken liver with the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing the liver is an eye-protection diet recipe for computer families.

  Goji berries 3?
4 servings of wolfberry: 400 grams of chicken liver: 2 pairs of ginger: 3 slices of water: 5 bowls of seasoning: raw soy sauce: 1 tablespoon of cooking wine: 1 tablespoon of salt: proper amount: 1.

Wash the wolfberry, remove the leaves, and keep the stems for use; 2.

2. Wash and slice the chicken liver, soak it in water for 30 minutes, strain the water, and use 1 tablespoon of soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of cooking wine and an appropriate amount of salt.

4. Pour the water into a wide-mouth clay pot and boil, add ginger slices and wolfberry stems, and cook for 20 minutes. After the flavor is picked, pick up the wolfberry stems instead; 4.

Add wolfberry leaves and chicken liver to the soup, roll for 5 minutes, season with salt and serve.

  Efficacy: nourishing the liver and eyesight, cooling and cooling, nourishing blood and refining.

  ● Gourmet Science Academy is also a vegetable and a medicine. Wolfberry leaves Many wolfberry leaves are used as rolling soup, such as wolfberry pork liver soup, salted egg wolfberry soup, etc., wolfberry porridge is also a good way to eat.

Pork congee, which is very popular in Panyu, takes porridge as the base, and pigs eat it at the end, and then medlar leaves. At this time, the porridge tastes sweet with meat and the fragrance of medlar leaves.”.

The rice medlar leaf is a kind of beautiful congee for yin and beauty. Prepare rice, medlar leaves and a small amount of medlar, wash the rice, soak it in warm water for 15 minutes, and then rub the rice with both hands to make a thick white rice syrup., Bring to a boil and boil for a few minutes, add washed wolfberry leaves and wolfberry, cook for 3 minutes, season with salt and chicken powder, we all know that wolfberry leaves can be used as medicine, but in fact wolfberry leavesThe nutritional value is not lower than that of wolfberry fruit. In addition to the nutrient value of wolfberry fruit, betaine and wolfberry leaf protein have special effects on the removal of toxins accumulated in the capillaries in the liver.

Its ability to remove liver toxins is more than 50 times that of common wolfberry fruits.

Wolfberry leaf is called “Dixian” in Chinese medicine. In addition to being used as a vegetable, there is also a wolfberry leaf tea on the market, which is a relatively new type of beneficial drink.

Those suffering from wolfberry leaf tea can be brewed like ordinary green tea and oolong tea, and can also be mixed with rock sugar, wolfberry, which has a better taste and a more nourishing effect.

  ● Liangtangxinshui When picking the leaves of wolfberry, try to hold the top of the wolfberry stalk, and pull the leaves down in a reverse direction, which is convenient and quick.

The perfect match in food nutrition

The perfect match in food nutrition

The term “food phase grams” in the diet means that two foods are eaten together. If improperly matched, it can easily lead to illness or poisoning. From the perspective of nutrition science, turtles and amaranths, cucumbers and peanuts, etc.

However, from the perspective of modern nutrition science, if two or more kinds of foods are properly matched, they will not be “sexually matched”, and there will be “symbiosis”, so that nutrition is complementary and mutually reinforcing.

As the saying goes, “鸳鸯 配”.

  Sesame and kelp can be put together and boiled together, which can play a role in beauty and anti-aging.

Because sesame can improve blood circulation and promote metabolism, linoleic acid can regulate blood plasma, and vitamin E can prevent aging.

Kelp contains calcium and iodine, which can purify the blood.

Promote the synthesis of thyroxine, the two are combined, the effect is doubled.

  Pig liver with spinach Pig liver, spinach has the function of nourishing blood, once and for all, complement each other, it is wonderful for the treatment of anemia.

  Coarse rice with coffee steamed and ground into powder, add milk, sugar can be replaced, flour rice is rich in nutrition, better treatment of hemorrhoids, constipation, hypertension, etc .; coffee can refresh, mix with flour rice, so thatIts flavor.

  Beef with potato beef has high nutritional value, and has the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach.

However, the beef is rough and sometimes damages the gastric mucosa. The potatoes are cooked with it, which not only tastes good, but also contains rich vitamins, which can protect the gastric mucosa.

  Lily with eggs has the effects of nourishing yin and moistening, clearing the heart and calming the nerves. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that lily can clear phlegm and relieve phlegm, while egg yolk can remove irritability, yin and blood, and add sugar for conditioning. The effect is better.

  Lamb with ginger and mutton make up the sun and warm the warmth, and the ginger drives the cold to keep warm, and complements each other to warm up the warmth, at the same time, it will also drive away external evils, thereby treating cold and abdominal pain.

  Turtle with honey has the only sweet taste and is delicious. It is rich in protein, traces, and multivitamins, and contains caprylic acid, benzoic acid, and silicic acid. It is an inexhaustible strength agent for the heart.Disease, gastrointestinal disease, anemia have beneficial effects, can promote growth and prevent aging.

  Duck meat with yam old duck can not only replenish human body water but also yin and clearing away heat and cough, yam has stronger yin tonic effect. When eaten with duck meat, it can eliminate greasiness and improve lung effect.

  Carp with rice vinegar carp has the function of water purification. Most of the human edema is nephritis except nephritis. Rice vinegar has a wet function. If eaten with carp, the function of dampness is doubled.

  Meat with garlic As the saying goes: “Eat meat with garlic, nutrition is halved.” This has some scientific reason, but scientifically speaking, meat and garlic should be eaten together.

According to research, lean meat contains raw B, and vitamin B stays in the body for a short time. When you eat meat, you can eat allicin and combine it, which can increase the analysis of vitamin B several times and make it original.The nature of water changes into the nature of grease, thereby extending the residence time of vitamin B in the human body. This has important nutritional significance for promoting blood circulation, re-eliminating physical fatigue, and increasing physical fitness. Therefore, when eating meat,Don’t forget to eat a few cloves of garlic.

Postpartum abdomen yoga to help

Postpartum abdomen yoga to help

With the birth of cute babies, beautiful mothers have accomplished a great mission, and at the same time entered an important period-the puerperium.

Looking at the hanging belly, there is no previous firm and smooth texture. How can I restore the prenatal devil figure?

Even if you were n’t slim before you were born, as long as you have a good grasp of the time after birth, you can use yoga to eliminate pork belly!

  The most fundamental change during pregnancy is the deformation of the body. With the increase in weight, the body’s center of gravity gradually moves forward, and the pelvis gradually leans forward. Thus, the posture of a pregnant woman with a bowed waist and hips collapsed is formed.

Existing postpartum health care and recovery methods are mostly running and aerobics. Although high-intensity exercise has reduced weight, the improvement of the shape is not obvious because it is not targeted, and it is difficult to become pregnant, especially pelvic forwardAnd abdominal feces build up.

  Pelvic anteversion is widely associated with lower abdomen protrusion.

The pelvis leans forward, the lumbar spine must be anterior arch, and the lower abdomen must bulge.

The lordosis of the lower abdomen also makes the lower abdomen a dead angle for exercise, and it is difficult to consume even the exercise.

The lower abdomen protrudes for a long time, and will gradually fall under the effect of gravity. The abdominal cavity will easily breed and accumulate, which is called “fat depot”.

Postpartum women’s pelvic anteversion does not change, and it is difficult to return to normal weight. It is also common to surpass the weight of pregnant women.

Everyone knows that the key to losing weight is to abdomen, but few people know that pelvic anteversion is an important cause of abdominal accumulation.

In short, weight loss cannot be rushed. Find the right method, and it is more important to stick to it!

  We have now found a good way for many mothers to reference-practice yoga together!

  基本动作一:月牙弯 [主攻:小腹、臀部、大腿]  双脚并拢站立,脚趾向前,双臂放在两旁。Inhale and lift your starting point over your head, pointing your fingertips to the ceiling.

Exhale while bending forward, landing on both hands (you can bend the tip).

Inhale, exhale, and exhale while taking a large step back with your right leg (the left leg is bent 90 degrees and aligned directly above the foot alignment; the right leg is compressed as you cross back and land on your toes).

Inhale, lift the coaxial over the head, and look straight ahead.

Keep moving, then return to the original position and change the length of your left leg.

  Reduce the difficulty: Keep your right leg on the ground as you step backwards, with your hands on the top left.

  Increasing Difficulty: Based on the end of the action, inhale, and then arch your body backwards, with your head extended backward and your eyes on your fingertips.

  基本动作二: 柳枝摆 [主攻:小腹两侧]  双脚并拢站立,双臂放在身体两侧。Bend to the right and lift your left foot on your right thigh.

Put your palms together on your chest and breathe twice.

During the third inhalation, gradually raise the top of the head, and point your fingertips at the flowering plate.

Exhale and bend to the left as you inhale.

Breathe and straighten your body when you inhale.

Repeat 3 to 5 times for another body.

  Reduce difficulty: Keep your left foot on your calf or your toes on the ground to maintain balance.

  Increase difficulty: balance, close your eyes while bending your body.

  基本动作三:小船摇 [主攻:小腹和后背]  坐在地上双膝弯曲,双脚着地,双手放在大腿上。Keep your body upright and in line with your head.

Tilt your body backwards at a 45-degree angle, lift your feet, balance your calves with the ground, and straighten your toes.

Exhale and inhale, while lowering your body with your thighs by about 3 to 4 inches, so that the body forms a “V” shape.

Exhale and lift your body and thighs.

Repeat 3 to 5 times.

  Reduce difficulty: Hold your thighs with both hands and lean back only.

  Increasing difficulty: After forming a “V” shape, stretch the length above your head.  基本动作之四:悬浮 [主攻:肩膀、手臂、小腹和后背]  以俯卧撑的动作作为起始,双臂绷直,双手在双肩下方,头部、身体一直到脚跟成一直线。Breathe once, lower to the ground when exhaling, bend your elbows backwards, close to your body, and tighten forward.

Keep your body a few inches off the ground.

  Reduce defects: correct the ground, adjust the position of both hands until the right side to the aligned body in line.

  Increasing difficulty: While holding the ground, raise your left leg 6 to 12 inches, hold it, and then lower it.

After repeating three times, change your right leg again.

  基本动作之五: 就“座” [主攻:臀部和大腿]  双脚并拢站立,脚趾向前,双臂放在身体两侧。Inhale, carbon dioxide stretches over your head, palms facing each other.

Exhale, “sit” backwards at a 45-degree angle, keep pointing to the back of your toes, hold tightly to support the front, and look forward.

  Reduce the difficulty: Do this correctly with your feet wide from your hips, place your hands on your thighs, and bend only 30 degrees when you sit back.

  Increasing difficulty: After “sit”, stand your feet and support your body with your toes.

(Knees can be in front of toes); look at fingertips.

  Fortunately, a small reminder: Doing some weight loss exercises shortly after birth may cause uterine rehabilitation to slow down and cause bleeding, and sometimes a little exercise may slow the recovery of the surgical section or vulvar retina, and some joints are particularly vulnerable to injury.Mother’s situation will be more dangerous.

Postpartum mother 4?
6 weeks can start to do postpartum weight-loss exercises, the mother of cesarean section needs 6?
8 weeks.

Watch out for two appliances that harm children’s vision_1

Be wary of two appliances that harm your child’s vision

[Guide]A large number of infants and young children like to watch TV, and their parents also believe that the initial intellectual development is beneficial to the baby’s intellectual development.

In addition, many parents use flashlights to take pictures of babies. Experts believe that these behaviors will damage children’s eyesight.

The health of the eyes is closely related to the development of acquired academic ability. Poor eyesight will directly affect children’s ability to balance and intuitive judgment.

Typical case baby watching TV hurts eyesight. Since 6 months, he likes watching TV and stops crying whenever he sees the TV picture.

Too many parents like babies think that watching TV for children can broaden their horizons and increase their knowledge in advance.

However, child health experts have suggested that the proper distance for watching TV should be 2 meters away. This distance is not very suitable for infants less than 1 year old.

The distance of the baby’s vision gradually changes from near to far with age. The baby can only see the toys and articles placed in front of him 3 months ago, and gradually develops to be able to look at objects around 1 meter and activities at a distanceMoving objects.

Therefore, it is impossible for a small baby to see a TV picture from 2 meters away; at the same time, the TV image is always blurred than the actual overlay. In addition, the TV image is jittery, and the poor quality TV image is even worse.

In this way, babies watching TV can increase eye fatigue and reduce vision.

Impaired vision cannot be changed with food. Problem 1: Indulge children in watching TV. At present, infant parents attach great importance to their baby’s intellectual development, but have not yet paid enough attention to visual health, and the close relationship between eyes and academic development.

Professor Jiang Zhuoqin of the Women’s and Children’s Branch of the Chinese Nutrition Association pointed out that not long ago, the Pediatrics Branch of the Chinese Medical Association and Wyeth jointly conducted a “Survey on Knowledge of Visual Health and Academic Development of Infant Parents”.

The survey found that most parents let their children watch TV and provide early education by showing their children discs.

Reminder: In fact, even if there is good prevention for infants to watch, they can only watch for a few minutes from a distance of 2 meters, and do not watch every day.

Question 2: What to eat can supplement what many parents think, as long as carotene supplement and fish eyes can protect eyesight.

But experts suggest that once vision is impaired, it cannot be changed by food.

Although fisheye contains nutrients, the content of nutrients is not high and it is difficult to achieve eye-filling effects.

Reminder: 0-4 years old is an important period for baby’s eye development. Parents should pay attention to protect the baby’s eye development. For the baby’s visual health, lutein, vitamin A, DHA, AA, etc. are all good for the baby’s eye healthImportant nutritional elements.

Question 3: Photo flashes are susceptible to eye damage. Most parents do not know enough about infant eye development.

Although more than 40% of parents believe that ultraviolet and television computer radiation reset children’s eye health, only a few parents understand that blue light is harmful to their children’s eye health.

Reminder: Compared with adults, the lens of infants and young children is relatively clear, can not effectively filter light, and the eyes are more likely to be damaged.

Ultraviolet rays and infrared rays are usually absorbed by the cornea and the lens, and generally do not touch the retina; the high-energy visible light-blue light in visible light penetrates the retina, accelerates cell oxidation in the macular area of the retina, and irradiates even damages the visual cells.

Strong sunlight, flashlights, infrared bath lights, etc. should not be directed into the eyes of infants and young children, preventing infants and young children from sleeping under excessively strong light.

It is recommended to wear a sun hat or face away from the sun when going out in the sun.

Eye protection knowledge Bright colors can help your baby’s eyesight make eye contact with the baby from the 8th to 12th week of birth. In addition to the baby’s simple visual inspection at birth, he should receive regular professional training from 6 months oldVision check; Vision check at the age of 3-4, and at least every two years thereafter (or according to the recommendations of health care staff); eyes are the window of academic development of infants.

Especially for infants 0-4 years old, in the process of their growth and development and academic development, 90% of external information is obtained through the eyes, which directly affects infants’ movements and language development, and also relates to cognitive abilities andExplore the development of capabilities.

Parents are advised to stay home at home. They can use brightly colored objects and graphics to stimulate the baby’s vision, which will also help the eye development.