[Dragon fruit can be eaten in confinement]_Dragon Fruit_Confinement_Can you eat it?

[Dragon fruit can be eaten in confinement]_Dragon Fruit_Confinement_Can you eat it?

Dragon fruit is very effective in treating constipation. Women can also eat it in confinement, but it should be eaten in small quantities. After all, pitaya is cold, and there are many fruits suitable for confinement, such as durian, kiwi, apple, etc.

First, can pitaya be eaten in confinement? Pitaya can be eaten, but to control the amount, pitaya is cool. If you eat high content food in the month, it will have the effect of lowering the fire.Dragon fruit also has a laxative effect. If the adult or baby is constipated, the dragon fruit has a good effect.

Second, suitable fruits for pregnant women in confinement are: 1. Kiwi fruit, also known as Mi-kiwi, is cold and sweet, has high vitamin C content, has antipyretic, thirst-relieving, diuretic, breast-feeding effects, regular foodStrengthens the immune system.

It is beneficial for the recovery of Caesarean section.

Because of its cold nature, warm it with hot water before eating.

One daily is appropriate.

2, Durian is sweet and hot, rich in Southeast Asia, has the reputation of the king of fruits.

Because of its sexual heat, it can aphrodisiac and help fire, and has a good effect on promoting body temperature and strengthening blood circulation.

Deficiency in the postpartum period may wish to gradually supplement.

Durian is hot, not easy to digest, and easy to get angry if you eat more.

Eat with mangosteen to calm its heat.

At the same time, after caesarean section, the small intestine is easy to eat.

3, the apple is sweet, and the sex is cool.

It has anti-cancer effects, and can promote brain development and enhance memory.

Apple has the effects of Shengjin, Jishu, appetizer, rich in cellulose, can promote digestion and intestinal wall motility, reduce constipation.

4, papaya sweet and flat.

Papaya has many effects, such as antihypertensive, detoxification, swelling and deworming, help milk secretion, make the skin plump, reduce fat and lose weight.

Papaya’s nutritional components are mainly sugars, supplement fiber, protein, vitamin B, C, calcium, potassium, iron, etc., produced in the south.

China has a tradition of papaya to promote breast milk since ancient times.

Papaya contains a kind of papaya, which has a high ability to break down proteins. Fish, eggs, and other foods become nutrients that are easily absorbed by the human body in a very short time, which directly stimulates the secretion of the mammary glands.

At the same time, papaya has high nutritional content, so it is also called milk papaya.

The postpartum mother has little or no milk, and can be eaten with papaya and fish.

5, olive sweet, slightly sour, flat.

It has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying, and promoting the effects of thirst.

Pregnant and lactating women often eat olives to make their babies smarter.

6. Grape taste is sweet and sour.

It has the effect of nourishing qi and blood, strengthening bones and bones, and facilitating urination.

Because of its high iron content, it can nourish blood.

After being made into raisins, the iron proportion can be considered. Iron supplement foods can be considered. Regular food can eliminate symptoms such as drowsiness, fatigue, and weight loss.

Women have lost too much blood after birth, and grapes can be used as blood sacred products.

[Let the derailed man listen to a very guilty sentence]_Men

[Let the derailed man listen to a very guilty sentence]_Men

Emotion is a science. In the emotional world, the knowledge to be learned by men and women is endless. Some people regard emotion as a game, so they are constantly hurt.

Men’s derailment can be said to be a normal thing, but how can a wife deal with it calmly?

Today, Xiaobian analyzes the love book from the perspective of love psychology, let’s see how to deal with men’s derailment together!

Husband, if you want to steal it, steal it. Husband, I do n’t say that I do n’t love you and do n’t know you; or I understand that the curiosity of a man is like the snow in winter.of.

Accompanying you to hold tightly, rooting and sprouting, it is better to let you go hunting and experience the heartache.

Because “when the scenery is seen through, you will accompany me to watch the long stream of water”; also let you know that all women from a distance look so soothing and gentle, but once you take a close look, that’s all.


Hongdu Aviation (600316): L15 higher education machine won the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award to open up market space

Hongdu Aviation (600316): L15 higher education machine won the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award to open up market space

[Event]: On the morning of January 10, the project “Development of L15 Advanced Trainer (AJT)” by Hongdu Company as the first completion unit, General Manager of Hongdu Company, and Zhang Hong, the chief designer of L15, as the first completion personFirst prize for scientific and technological progress.

[Main points of view]: 1. The market space for the award-winning sign L15 higher education machine is opened.

As of now, the three major models of the Aviation Industry Group’s Qiang 5 (Hongdu), J-8 (Shen Fei) and J-10 (Shengfei) have won the National Science and Technology Progress Special Award, K8 (Hongdu) and L15 (Hongdu).Both models have won the first prize of national scientific and technological progress.

The first flight of the L15 aircraft since 2006 has been continuously improved and improved. The award is that it has become a sign and signal of another “explosive” aircraft following the primary education 6, strong 5, K8.

In addition to the model of the training aircraft, the L15 is also expected to become a development platform for carrier-based training aircraft, new ground attack aircraft, and light fighter aircraft. The domestic market space is more than 40 billion US dollars, and the overseas market space is more than 30 billion US dollars.

The L15 is expected to exceed the 杭州桑拿网 domestic sales (more than 400) and export (more than 300) records of the K8 aircraft.

2. The main business entered a turning point in profit.

Hongdu Aviation’s main business potential is 0 in 2018.

94 million, mainly relying on non-recurring income to make profits, mainly relocation and transformation, L15 retrofitting and upgrading, and heavy personnel burden.

At present, the company has completed asset replacement and relocation of Aviation City, and entered full production.

The listed company replaced more than 4,000 employees with the group this time, and it is estimated that the salary cost alone will save more than 3 ‰ per year.

It is expected that Hongdu’s main business will turn a profit in 2019. Based on the delivery targets of 35 L15 and 20 K8 in 2020, and considering the missile increase, the profit growth rate can reach at least 100%.

3. Investment suggestion: We conservatively contribute 2 in accordance with the normal annual output of 60 aircraft (20 K8 + 40 L15).

With a net profit of 800 million yuan, the company can achieve a net profit of 3 million yuan in annual net profit calculations.

1 ppm / year.

If you consider foreign trade export orders, the scale of profit will increase, and the annual profit will exceed 500 million points.

Taking into account new models such as drones and the possibility of subsequent extension of asset injections, the company’s market value has room to grow.

Expected 2019?
In 2021, the company’s revenue will be 4.5 billion, 5.8 billion and 7.4 billion; net profit will be 0.

9.4 billion, 2.

400 million and 3.

400 million, EPS is 0.

13 yuan, 0.

34 yuan, 0.

47 yuan, maintaining the “highly recommended” level.

Enhua Pharmaceutical (002262) 2019 First Quarterly Report Commentary: Performance Meets Expected Distribution Incentive Expenses Suppressing Profit Release

Enhua Pharmaceutical (002262) 2019 First Quarterly Report Commentary: Performance Meets Expected Distribution Incentive Expenses Suppressing Profit Release

The company’s performance is in line with expectations. It is expected that the industry will achieve 20% -25% growth. Among them, remifentanil, Ari catheter, and duloxetine maintain high growth, and the commercial sector has picked up.

New product research and development is expected to guarantee 2 and 4 in 2019, and the consistency evaluation is progressing smoothly.

Equity incentive expenses dragged down performance, and operating cash flow achieved high growth.

The company’s performance is in line with market expectations.

The company’s 2019Q1 revenue, net profit, deducting non-net profit10.

4.9 billion, 1.

26 billion, 1.

26 trillion, +13 for ten years.

31%, +23.

63%, +23.

93%, performance in line with market expectations.

Remifentanil, aripiprazole, and duloxetine maintained high growth, and the commercial sector rebounded.

It is expected that the industrial sector will achieve 20% -25% growth.

By segment, the growth rate of anesthesia business is expected to be 22% -23%, of which Youmei, Liyuexi, Forli, Remifentanil achieve 33% -35%, 18% -20%, 18%, 80%Growth, although the execution growth of dextromethacin procurement has improved, it is expected to maintain a continuous growth of more than 30%; it is expected that the spiritual business will achieve an increase of about 18% -20%, of which ariconazole and duloxetine achieve100%, over 50% growth, risperidone, ziprasidone, and buspirone achieve about 5% growth; neurological business is expected to achieve close to 30% growth; API business performance is expected to achieve about 10%, mainly due to environmental protectionCheck and other factors.

The commercial sector has picked up, with single-digit growth expected in the first quarter of 2019.

New product research and development is expected to guarantee 2 and 4 in 2019, and the consistency evaluation is progressing smoothly.

The company’s R & D investment in 2019Q1 was 40.26 million yuan, +16 a year.

82%, the research and development work is going smoothly. New products are expected to be guaranteed 2 (pentaquine, sufentanil) and 4 (dezocin, oxycodone) in 2019. In terms of consistency evaluation, risperidone tablets have wonApproved, dexmedetomidine, clonazepam, risperidone sustained-release tablets, olanzapine has been declared, and the consistency evaluation of 19 core varieties has been completed by the end of 2020.

In addition, the company will increase international cooperation in the research and development of innovative drugs, and it is expected to date innovative drug products in overseas clinical stages.

Equity incentive expenses dragged down performance, and operating cash flow achieved high growth.
Corporate finance, management (including R & D), and sales expense ratio -0.

33%, +8.

25%, +33.

31%, ten years +0.

26, +0.

88, +1.

10PCTs, of which management, the increase in sales expense ratio is mainly due to the increase in the proportion of industry and the impact of equity amortization costs 北京夜网 (expected to be about 10 million yuan in 2019Q1, mainly confirmed as management costs).Profit growth will exceed 30%.

Net operating cash flow of the company 1.

46 trillion, ten years +68.

07%, mainly due to the company’s increased efforts to collect funds.

Risk factors: the risk of drug price reduction or out-of-standard due to volume procurement; the progress of research and development is lower than expected.

Investment suggestion: The company’s core varieties are growing rapidly, and the first-class anesthesia and other businesses are not affected by the volume purchase. The research varieties are gradually listed, and the EPS forecast for 2019-2021 is maintained at 0.



95 yuan, with reference to comparable companies estimated to give the company 25XPE in 2019, corresponding to a target price of 16.

00 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

Implementation of new rules for refinancing: 82 companies or reform plans sections will benefit

Implementation of new rules for refinancing: 82 companies or “reform plans” sections will benefit

Original title: 72 hours of new rules for A-share refinancing: 5 companies “second response”, 82 companies or “change plans”, these major sectors will benefit!

  Source: Evidence hearing-within 24 hours, the institution’s research report quickly followed up; within 48 hours, there was a “quick” response from listed companies to the release plan; within 72 hours, the A-share market was welcomed with “enthusiastic rise and rise”; monthsIn the future, it is expected that dozens of companies will need to modify their declarations for refinancing; subsequently, the “adjustment of supervision” in the A-share market will say no to “willful issuance”!

  The revised contents of the refinancing mainly include three aspects: one is to streamline the issuance conditions and broaden the coverage of GEM refinancing services; the other is to optimize the non-public institutional arrangements to support listed companies’ strategic investors; the third is to appropriately extend the validity period of the approvals, which is convenientListed companies choose the issue window.

  A careful study reveals that there are three levels of beneficiaries of the new rules: the most direct beneficiaries are listed companies. After the rules are optimized, their issuance does decrease. After that, the increase in asset value naturally means an increase in the success rate of issuance. The second benefitThe level is institutional investors, they can have more, better choices, and more convenient exits; the third benefit level is the market-wide investors, listed companies and institutional investors are thriving, and the influence they pass on, Is far from being comparable to the butterfly effect.

In addition, the new rules passed to the market are more “quality-oriented”, and listed companies are unlikely to use “rules” to achieve “willful issuance.”

  The five listed companies responded to the “increased speed” by setting new and fixed prices. The new regulatory adjustments have optimized the regulatory requirements for A-share refinancing and have demonstrated market orientation.

The witness heard that the five existing listed companies have responded quickly, revised or newly issued refinancing schemes, pricing methods, lock-up periods, etc. according to the new regulations.

  According to the testimony, according to the statistics of Oriental Fortune Selection, at the time of writing on February 17, the new financing rules were implemented for 3 days. There were 5 listed companies including Longsheng Technology, Yuanli Co., Gloria Ying, Huaping Co., and Guanghong Technology.Quickly revised or newly issued refinancing plans, raising a total of 57 funds.

300 million yuan.

Among them, three companies took action within 48 hours of the implementation of the new regulations.

  Specifically, there were 3 listed companies that modified the refinancing plan.

The Longsheng Technology announcement indicates that the proposed non-public offering does not exceed 1486.

250,000 shares, the budget of raised funds shall not exceed 2.

300 million yuan.
The issue price is 15.

48 yuan / share, about 22 closing price on February 17.

11 yuan / share, about 30% off.

  Yuanli shares show that the proposed non-public offering does not exceed 73.44 million shares and the raised funds do not exceed 8.

8.3 billion yuan.

The issue price is 12.

02 yuan / share, the closing price of about 16 on February 17.

56 yuan / share, about 70% off.

  Guanghong Technology announced that the proposed non-public offering does not exceed 92.22 million shares and the raised funds do not exceed 23.

6.7 billion.

The issue price shall not be less than 80% of the average transaction price of the company’s A shares on the 20 trading days before the first day of the issue period.

  From the new refinancing plan, there are 2 listed companies.

Gloriain announced the termination of last year’s financing plan on the evening of February 16 and launched a new version of the financing plan.

The latest plan shows that the company intends to issue non-public shares of no more than 18.7 million shares and raise no more than 23.

1.1 billion yuan.

Issue price 123.

56 yuan / share, about 176 closing price on February 17.

77 yuan / share, about 30% off.

  The plan for the non-public issuance of A shares by GEM announced that the company intends to issue no more than one share.

500 million shares, with a total fundraising of less than 600 million.

Issue price 3.

83 yuan / share, closing price about 4 on February 17.

95 yuan / share, about 77% off.

  Talking about the impact of the new refinancing rules on the refinancing of related companies?For example, Song Yan, a senior expert at the Institute of Finance, believes that, first of all, the loosening of GEM is the strongest.

The non-public issuance of GEM canceled the conditions of profit for 2 consecutive years, and the public issue cancelled the condition that the asset-liability ratio at the end of the most recent period was higher than 45%, which loosened more than 400 listed companies on GEM.

In fact, the refinancing of new shares lowered the lower limit of the non-public offering price (10% to 20%), increased the number of objects to be issued (10 and 5 to 35), changed the lock-up period, and made it easier to obtain a strategyInvestors’ favor.

Finally, for refinancing listed companies, it can alleviate some of the funding pressure.

However, this round is still very different from the peak of the refinancing round from 2014 to 2016. The hype is very significant, and more attention should be paid to stable profit and cash flow.

  The 82 non-public issuance of “enterprises under review” or amendments to the scheme affect new refinancing rules of more than 230 billion euros. New refinancing of existing refinancing projects will be made at the “point of completion of the issuance”.

According to the website of the Securities and Futures Commission, as of February 13, there were 238 refinancing companies queuing, of which 109 were non-public offerings, 112 were issuing convertible bonds, 11 were rights issues, 3 were issuing preferred shares, and 3 wereAdditional issue.

Of the 109 non-public companies, 24 have passed the issuance committee, 3 have suspended the review, and 82 are under normal review.

  According to the statistics of the witnesses, the 82 affected non-public issuance companies have raised a maximum of 2,341 in total.

8.3 billion yuan.
  Pan Xiangdong, chief economist of New Times Securities, told the witness that from the specific content of the new refinancing rules, the affected companies are mainly non-publicly issued companies. In addition to passing the review committee and suspension of the review, 82 companies have been deleted andBoth the Main Board and GEM companies’ refinancing applications may need to modify their application materials.

The main amendments of the above companies include appropriately increasing the number of non-public offering objects, reducing the price of non-public offerings, modifying the lock-up period, and modifying the reduction of holdings.

In addition, if it is a GEM 四川耍耍网 company, financial indicators need to be modified.

  “按照上一轮‘再融资放松+并购重组放松’之后,上市公司再融资规模来看,预计此轮再融资新规松绑后,恢复至上一轮高点的80%比例,那么再融资新规The scale of corporate financing affected will reach 600 billion yuan.

Under optimistic circumstances, if the previous round of highs can be restored, the scale of corporate financing affected by the new refinancing regulations will reach about 1 trillion.

Pan Xiangdong said.

  The new rules on refinancing have increased the attractiveness of institutional investors. As soon as the new rules were announced, institutional research reports came one after another.

Hearing of witnesses hastened to connect with many big coffees.

  Zhongshan Securities Chief Economist Li Zhan said to the witness hearing that the implementation of the latest new regulations is expected to re-energize the refinancing market and increase the attractiveness of the investment refinancing market. It is expected that the growth rate will increase significantly in 2020.

  Li Zhan believes that the new rules increase the attractiveness of the refinancing market to institutional investors. In fact, the new rules simplify the GEM issuance conditions, broaden the refinancing channels for GEM listed companies, and increase investment in GEM listings.The appeal of corporate refinancing.

At the same time, in addition to the serious reduction in financing and issuance, the reduction of insufficient holdings has also decreased.

The continued growth of the fixed-income market in recent years is partly due to the long investment cycle and the dilution of discount security pads, which has reduced the attractiveness of the fixed-income market.

The implementation of the new regulations will halve the lock-up period for two types of investors to 18 months and 6 months without the relevant restrictions of the holdings reduction rules. Therefore, the investment holdings will increase and the holdings and withdrawal periods will be extended.Relaxing from 10% off to the base price to 20% off makes the discount pad thicker.

  So, under the new rules of refinancing, which sectors are more beneficial, and how should institutional investors participate?

  Li Zhan said that before the implementation of the new rules on refinancing, the top three industries were chemical industry, public utilities and non-bank finance.

After the implementation of the new regulations, it will benefit the GEM and at the same time help to boost the motherboard. With the market’s long-term and medium-term market trend changing, it is more optimistic about the growth-oriented TMT industry represented by communications, computers, electronics and media.

At the same time, the merger of the three fixed-income industries that have been included in the extension is expected to benefit.

Under the new rules, institutional investors are advised to pay attention to the growth-oriented TMT sector, and focus on choosing to participate in the refinancing of listed companies that have a higher performance growth rate in the next two years, especially those that will be increased and replaced before the new rules are implemented.

In addition, due attention can be paid to the refinancing of listed companies in the chemical, public utilities, and non-bank financial sectors that have been set to increase in scale.

Skincare Li essential for cabin maintenance_1

Skincare “Li” essential for cabin maintenance

Guide: Do you need to maintain the plane?
It sounds incredible, but cabin maintenance is really important.
Imagine that at high altitudes, ultraviolet radiation is unprecedentedly strong, and the humidity and temperature of the surrounding environment will also change. How to properly maintain the cabin is actually very important.
Beauty experts teach that if we want to do well in the cabin skin care, we must also bring these skin care “Li” devices.
   Skincare “Li” essential for cabin maintenance: 1. Moisturizing and relaxing mist with a carry-on bag. I will choose a spray containing citrus and rose ingredients to replenish skin moisture at any time. It can also relieve skin pressure and cool the skin.
They can form a protective film on the face to prevent rapid evaporation of water, and spray on the hair to improve frizzy hair.
  2、蒸汽眼罩、妆后眼霜  飞行时我会闭目养神,这时先用适合妆后使用的眼霜滋润眼部皮肤,凝露质地的眼霜可以随时保持眼周水润,加速眼部的血液循环,并且Can also make lip balm.
Then apply a steam eye mask to relieve eye pressure and reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes.
  3、带有防晒值的美容品  不要觉得在机舱中就能节省防晒步骤,要知道飞行在几千米的高空,从窗户溜进来的紫外线会带来更大的伤害,所以我会用具有SPFExponential lotions, foundations, foundations and sunblocks protect against UV rays.
If you forget to bring a cleansing oil, the lotion can also be used as an emergency makeup remover.
Message from the editor: “Flying Clan” should pay attention. If you want to do cabin maintenance, these skin care products are essential.

Sixteen elements of complete yoga

Sixteen elements of complete yoga

Time: It is best in the morning. The higher requirement in India is at four in the morning.

At this moment, the person is very calm, there is no food in the stomach, and the secretion of glands is relatively slow.

Location: Quiet, well-ventilated and beautiful surroundings.

It is also good to have suitable venues outdoors.

The temperature should not be too cold or too hot, it should be more relaxing and comfortable.

Apparatus: It should be made of natural materials. It should not be hard, but in order to support the body, it should not be soft.

During yoga practice, the mat has been protecting the body, and the insulation effect can be avoided to prevent the energy accumulated in the body from being taken away by the atmosphere during the practice.

Clothing: Comfortable, relaxed clothing.

Remove the accessories from the contact.

Fasting: People after meals 3.

The food can be completely digested in 5-4 hours. At this time, it is basically on an empty stomach. Yoga practice should be performed in this state.

Eating habits: To choose fresh, natural foods, vegetarian food is the best choice.

(Long-term refrigerated foods are generally considered stale and unsuitable).

It is not advisable to eat within 20-30 days after yoga practice, after which time switch to eating.

Drink water as much as possible before practice, because it is not appropriate to add water during yoga practice, which interferes with breathing and internal circulation.

About 10 minutes after the end of the exercise, you can drink water, and this time interval is not strict.

Do not over-stress or over-strength.
Breathing: Use your nose to breathe, unless you specifically require it.

When doing compression, it is mostly inspiratory, contracting or squeezing.

Mind: Mind must be above the action you are doing, and consider how to combine mind with action.

Observing changes in the body, such exercises are effective.

Relax: Between the exercises in the two positions, you should relax your body and stabilize your body.

The order of the exercises: cleansing → warm-up → asana → breathing adjustment → meditation twelve.
Position opposition principle: forward and backward positions should be interspersed.

If some muscles remain tense in position, be sure to arrange a position to relax them later.

You can arrange the two positions opposite each other, or arrange a few positions in the same direction to relax the muscles.

Appropriate crowd: Basically suitable for all people, those with illness should be carried out under the guidance of a professional yoga teacher.
If you feel pain while doing posture, you should stop immediately.

Bathing before yoga practice can promote blood circulation and relax muscles. If you need to bathe after yoga practice, you should wait until the body’s circulation is calm and normal.

Ways to get into the yoga world: It’s best to get started with the teacher’s personal guidance.

After you have mastered the right principles and have a solid foundation, you can practice by yourself.

The instructional role of VCD and books is not complete. It is not easy for individuals to fully understand.

Just exercise for two minutes

Just exercise for two minutes

Time is like water in a sponge. Once squeezed, there is always time.

The same is true of fitness. As long as you squeeze time, you can always find time.

“Two minutes” is short enough, but you can also do fitness.

  In the morning, the pillow was cushioned behind, with both hands straight back and bending the body; do sit-ups 3 times; put the pillow on the back, abdomen to make your toes cross the bed surface, hold your head, your knees bent and closeTake turns to the left and right, merge and insert to touch the bed surface, but stay close to the bed surface without moving your hands.

  When wearing clothes, hold your hands behind your back and straighten your chest while straightening your hands; your upper body will hang down naturally, your hands will swing left and right, and your waist will twist to the left and right;

  Put on your pants to do a quick squat, with your feet upright, shoulder width, shoulders and waist straight when squatting and standing, with your hands flat, your legs stretched evenly, squatting to the end, and getting up fast.

Jump a few times at the beginning, then you can switch to a continuous continuous jump in the same place, so that not only strengthens the strength of the legs, but also exercise the heart, and improve cardiopulmonary function.

  After getting up to do 10 push-ups, 100 steps to raise your legs in place.

It can even stand upside down against the wall, which can not only enhance the strength of the upper limbs, but also promote blood circulation.

  Rope skipping is an appropriate method of activity. A standing rope is available for exercise at any time. The skipping rope can be used with one foot, two feet, and two feet in turn, and the speed is appropriate.

When jumping, apply nasal inhalation and exhale.

  When washing your face and brushing your teeth, you can do the top and upper body rotation, side-to-side movement, both hands flexing and stretching as far as you can, and the knee flexion and extension exercise that keeps squatting and standing up. The above are just a few examples.Two minutes of fitness time are always available.

  Not to mention that many sports can be performed “at will.”

For example, you can do leg exercises while talking on the phone, writing, and typing; you can consciously straighten your arms by walking or going up stairs.

Raise your chest, tighten your legs, and keep the curve of your chest and waist. During the break, you can sit on a chair for tibial exercises, keep your back straight and slightly away from the back of the chair, and stretch your arms behind the back of the chair, then liftLowering the arm can exercise the arm and extend the length. When replacing things on the ground, don’t bend down, but bend your knees. Squatting down your body can stimulate the muscles of the ankles and calves.

Even “tooth movement” when using the toilet, “eye movement” when washing feet, “anus lifting” when brushing teeth, etc., are all very desirable fitness methods.

Nine popular fitness concepts are right and wrong

Nine popular fitness concepts are right and wrong

With the development of science and technology, research on sports and fitness has been increasing, and some new ideas have replaced the old ones.

Therefore, people who love fitness often have doubts.

Recently, the US MSN website, in conjunction with the latest international research, interviewed authoritative experts to identify the right and wrong of the nine popular fitness concepts and analyze them.


hzh{display:none;}  1.The most traditional concept of aerobic exercise is that aerobic exercise consumes the most energy. Many recent studies have found the opposite.

Studies have found that exercising is more energy consuming than aerobic exercise.

Strength training not only helps to strengthen muscles, but also better promotes metabolism and persists in promoting burning youth for a long time.

Studies have shown that until 36 hours after the end of strength training, the body’s energy consumption process continues.


Exercise can reduce fat Although exercise cannot prevent temporary accumulation, it can consume your aunt.

Participating in various energy-consuming exercises, supplemented by a proper diet, can help reduce the trace content in the body and make the body slimmer.

Professor Robert Olson, an expert in kinematics at Michigan State University in the United States, recommends that you exercise on areas that are easy to accumulate, such as hips and thighs, and do not focus on muscle training in other parts of the body.

It is also important to do strength exercises for tendons.


Do some contraction before running. Studies have shown that excessive contraction before running can easily harden the ligaments and cause injuries, but you still need to “pull apart” the joints and ligaments before exercising.

According to the American physiotherapy expert Dr. Robert Musk, it is best to jog for 5-10 minutes to warm up before running, and then perform a less vertical stretching exercise for 30-60 seconds.


Running a marathon is easy to get heart disease A study in May 2009 in Canada confirmed that a marathon does cause damage to the heart in the short term, but after a week of rest after the marathon, the heart function can return to normal and no problems will remain.

Before participating in the long-distance running for the first time, ask for a doctor’s opinion and receive sufficient training before the race. After that, the biggest danger of running a marathon is that the amount of exercise exceeds the amount of training, which will cause the heart to bear an abnormal load.


Exercise to improve learning sounds incredible, but exercise does improve learning.

A new study by the University of Muenster in Germany found that after running fast, the book’s grasp of new words accelerated by 20%.

Before you start learning, exercise is the best preparation activity, it can activate brain cells.

Both aerobic exercise and strength training are good for the brain, and more complex items such as tennis and football can stimulate the brain better.


Abdominal training, sit-ups is best. When many women do sit-ups, they only exercise the muscles on the buttocks side, but not the core muscles of the abdomen.

But if you want to tighten your abdomen, you must exercise deep abdominal muscles.

In addition, sit-ups need to repeat the same action, except for monotonous, the effect is not obvious.

Experts suggest that the combination of push-ups and supine leg lifts can better exercise the core muscles of the abdomen, and exercise the hip muscles can also step on the belly.


The best time to exercise in the morning is the best time to exercise in the afternoon, not in the morning.

At 4-6 pm, the muscle strength and body temperature have reached the optimal state of exercise. Breakfast and Chinese food have provided the necessary energy for the body.

At this time, the body’s tolerance for pain reached its apex, and his thinking was clearer.

Of course, some studies have shown that as long as you feel comfortable or form a habit, exercise in the morning or evening is not bad.


The faster you lift weights and the more energy you use, the faster you lift, the force is used instead of muscle strength. Excessive weight lifting can increase the risk of injury.

Research has found that, although slow lifting has large disadvantages and makes it difficult for people to persist, slow lifting exercises 50% better muscles than fast lifting.
Therefore, the slower you move, the more you consume.
Experts recommend counting from 1 to 3 when lifting up, as well as lowering.


The key to leaner health is not just weight.

Resting heart rate, blood pressure, and blood lipids are also important indicators.

Dr Jimmy Bell, a professor of molecular imaging at Imperial College London, believes that aunts in the internal organs distributed are the least healthy.

This kind of adult is common in people who lack exercise, whether fat or thin.

Only exercise can reduce these internal organs.

Song Huiqiao’s Private Idiot Care

Song Huiqiao’s Private “Idiot” Care

With clear and clean skin, pure eyes and plump lips, Song Huiqiao is destined to become the most outstanding cosmetic model.

From the cute girl image in the past to a refined urban girl, she has recently been selected as the brand’s image spokesperson. When talking about the image upgrade and maintenance, she said that whitening and moisturizing is the most important.
.hzh {display: none; }  美白档案–首推柠檬汁  “我是个‘嗜白如命’的人,美白是我最关注的保养。However, unavoidable frequent makeup, filming stress, lack of sleep, etc. will make you look very shy, and it is easy to cause melanin deposition.
Applying a whitening mask every day, Qinqian Whitening Essence is a homework I must do no matter how tired. Only in this way can I quickly restore my original fairness.
In addition, the diet also needs to pay attention to. I usually eat chocolate, cola, black tea and other irritating things. In addition to eating more fruits, I can usually supplement some multivitamins. You can drink more beauty and beauty drinks, such as ginseng tea and lemon.Juice and ginseng nutrients can accelerate blood circulation and have a rosy complexion, while lemon has whitening effect, which can strengthen whitening from the inside out.
Whitening Heart Sutra: When you are at home, you can mix a fresh egg with a small spoon of honey and brush it on your face. After air-drying for a while, wash with clean water. The egg yolk is rich in lecithin, triglycerides, and yolk.An essential element in many whitening products.
  When in the studio, make a cleansing and clearing mask before shooting every day to make the makeup more natural; after work, use water lock to nourish the sleeping mask to save time.
  Whitening Heart Sutra: When you are at home, you can mix and apply a fresh egg with a small spoon of honey on your face, and then wash it with water after air-drying for a while.An essential element in whitening products.
  When in the studio, make a cleansing and clearing mask before shooting every day to make the makeup more natural; after work, use water lock to nourish the sleeping mask to save time.
  Naked skin should be natural and healthy. “I personally prefer the effect of nude makeup, but some nude makeup looks particularly lifeless.
I think the real good skin is not foundation, but smooth and healthy skin that glows even without makeup.
However, when there are many shows, it is easy to get dry around the cheeks. When applying basic makeup, you must add more moisture, and you must first use a moisturizing essence. When applying the cream, you must first apply sunscreen; lipstick is my personal preference for peach.Natural colors such as red and rose.
In addition, I also have a trick. Whenever the pressure builds up, I will take a half-bath with fresh bath products, which can relieve tension and stress.
“I have always insisted on physical health management, and I want to share with you some of my experiences. One is that you must do some stretching exercises before and after exercise to relax your muscles. When eating, enjoy a slow meal and try to avoid eating fast food for the sake of convenience; do not wait untilDrinking water when you are thirsty is very helpful for your health.
If you are healthy, your skin will look good.
Nude Skin Beauty Heart Sutra: It is better not to use bright cosmetics, it will make people look mature.
  You must remember to use blush, apricot is very suitable for Asians, but before you apply the blush, you must first bounce it on makeup paper or palm, otherwise it will be easy to apply a ball.
  Carry the spray with you, it can alleviate the problem of powder and makeup.
  Hair “membrane” son-in-law “I pay special attention to hair care.
In the filming of a previous film, the whole costume was made in ancient costumes, and a lot of hair gel was applied. After starting it for more than ten hours, my hair couldn’t breathe at all.During that horrible time, her hair was still intact.
As for the choice of hair care products, I am a “loyal fan” of ginseng flowers. Basically, the hair care products I use contain ginseng flowers.
Hair Maintenance Heart Sutra: When washing your face every morning, you must thoroughly rinse the hairline. This place is easy to leave the facial cleanser and cause hair loss.
  Hair care lessons are more important to do on the scalp. Regular professional scalp care is just as important as regular skin care.